6 Life threatening complications in pregnancy that new moms should be aware of

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6 Life threatening complications in pregnancy that new moms should be aware of

During pregnancy, women have to be highly cautious and careful. They have to be on a strict diet, practice prenatal exercises regularly and should go for regular check-ups. But apart from all these, certain common complications are often seen during pregnancy.

But some critical complications might also be seen in moms-to-be which can be life-threatening as well. So, women should be aware about them.

Life-threatening complications during pregnancy:


This happens when a woman loses more than 500 ml of blood during or after childbirth. This can happen in the first 24 hours or up to 6 weeks after the delivery. It may cause trauma, atonic uterus where the womb doesn’t contract and problems with the placenta.

Issues with placenta

Different issues with the placenta can also be seen in pregnant women like placenta praevia, accrete, percreta. They all can have their own severity which can have major impact on baby as well.

Blood clots

Blood clot is also one of the major life-threatening complications during pregnancy. The blockage generally occurs in legs or lungs.


Sepsis is a kind of infection that can develop before or after childbirth. This infection can also damage the womb or birth canal and be fatal in some cases. This can develop very quickly and take several days to build up.

Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Amniotic fluid is the liquid where the baby floats and when the fluid with other cells enter the mother’s bloodstream, then it occurs an allergic reaction. This reaction can be sometimes fatal also for mothers.


Women with this issue have high blood pressure, fluid retention and protein in their urine. However, mild pre-eclampsia can be monitored with blood pressure and urine tests.

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