6 Most relaxing products you need from Amazon to have the best bath ever

Updated on Sep 22, 2021 03:54 AM IST  |  59K
6 Most relaxing products you need from Amazon to have the best bath ever
6 Most relaxing products you need from Amazon to have the best bath ever

As lives are getting back to normal and days are becoming gloomier a little bit of relaxation and hours for self-introspection only while we’re in the bath. If you think we bathe daily to cleanse ourselves, you are wrong. Our body mechanism is such that it can cleanse itself daily and shed dead cells. So bathing on alternative days is just enough but why do all experts advise on bathing daily? It's because it rejuvenates and refreshes not just your body but your mind too. Here are 6 luxurious products that’ll help you have the most relaxing bath ever.


Lime Shower Gel

With its skin-loving formula, this shower gel gives you squeaky clean and refreshed skin after every wash. It locks in moisture and gets rid of dirt and the lime’s freshness makes you feel rejuvenated.


Price: Rs 575

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Coffee Bathing Bar Soap 

The benefits of coffee to your skin can be many. It has anti-ageing properties, skin lightening benefits and also treats acne and blemishes.


Price: Rs 269

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Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub

This body exfoliator gel, smooths and refines your skin and its delightful fragrance relaxes your mind and soul. 


Price: Rs 1295

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Moisturising Body Wash

This creamy body wash contains oat extracts and natural oils that soothe your skin and adds moisture to your tired and dry body that needs a fresh break.


Price: Rs 650

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Bath Powder

Ayurvedic bath powders are a sustainable route to replenish and nourish your skin. Sweaty bodies are growing ground for bacterias and germs that’ll fuel body acne and other skin issues. Bath powders address each of these issues without irritating skin gently.


Price: Rs 740

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Bath Brush

Wooden brushes are necessary to exfoliate and reach hard-to-reach places and cleanse your body thoroughly. This double-sided body brush also helps to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin. 


Price: Rs 549

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