6 Times Jennifer Lopez flaunted her Leo personality traits

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6 Times Jennifer Lopez flaunted her Leo personality traits

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most popular American singers and actresses. She was born on July 24 which makes her a representative of the Leo zodiac sign. Leo is a fire sign and people of this sun sign are enthusiastic, confident, intelligent and are known to be in the spotlight.

Leos are the life of a party and social butterflies. They will plan everything on a grand scale. And Jennifer Lopez always proves to be a perfect Leo personality with her style and aura.

Here's when Jennifer Lopez embraced her Leo personality traits:

1.At the Grammy Awards in 2000, she flaunted her revealing Versace dress and the next day people searched for images on Google. It has been the most popular search till now after which Google Images was started. Only a Leo can pull off this dress with uber confidence.

2.Leos love to throw a party on a grand scale, just like JLo arranges fantastic parties for her birthdays every time. And this is the same for her marriages as well. She always managed to throw lavish ceremonies.

3.People of this zodiac sign are intelligent and make a great leader. They always try to achieve more success. Lopez is not just a popular singer but has also proven to be a great dancer, actress, television host with a successful career.

4.When it comes to overcoming challenges, Leos will always be the first ones. For example, Jennifer surprised all with her pole dance in Hustle. But she had to take a lesson and do a lot of hard work for it.

5.Just like any other true Leo, who aims to achieve more, Lopez is still working passionately. She says “When people are sleeping, I’m doing more”.

6.Representatives of Leo zodiac sign always want to be in the spotlight and JLo is no exception. Be it a backup dancer in New Kids On The Block or the lead person, she always nailed it and got everyone’s attention.

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