6 Ways to mend a Scorpio's broken heart after breakup

Following a breakup, these are six ways to comfort a Scorpio's shattered heart.

Published on Oct 22, 2022   |  12:04 PM IST  |  1.2M
Scorpio zodiac sign

A broken-hearted Scorpion is likely to hold contempt towards and bitterness for the person who, in their eyes, betrayed them. The breakup is probably going to hurt them and leave them completely devastated. Even the kindest Scorpio is most likely to struggle in forgetting their ex if you betray their trust. Scorpios must entirely cut their ex out of their lives in order to move on. They are prone to miss their ex-partners for a longer period of time.

Check out these 6 ways in which you can mend a broken heart of a Scorpio.



1. Indulge in stargazing

A broken Scorpion will find mental peace and stress relief in the marvels above while stargazing. A Scorpio is fascinated by looking up into the night sky because doing so involves peering into the past due to the limiting speed of light. They are compelled to consider their actions and gain perspective on the future through this activity.


Meditation for the soul

2. Indulge in meditation

The health of your heart can be improved through mindfulness and meditation, and a broken-hearted Scorpio wholeheartedly adheres to this idea. They'll connect with that emotional energy in their body and compassionately soothe it, whether they're experiencing sorrow, rage, or rejection. They will have the chance to offer forgiveness near the end of the practice, if they're prepared.

3. Meet new people

Due to their strong introversion, Scorpios may take a very long time to emerge from their heartbreak phase. In order to move on from their ex-partners, it's crucial for them to meet new people, create new memories, and engage in new experiences. Because of their propensity to cling to their ex-partners, they may have a long-term recovery that interferes with their ability to forgive.

5. Spend time with family

No matter how hard they may have to work to get things right at home, Scorpios are devoted and loyal to their family. When someone close to them is in need, they always step in to help out. They care about boosting those closest to them. They will expect the same level of concern and devotion from their family during their heartbreak and will prefer to stick out along with them.


Intense workout

5. Spend time doing intense workout

Exercise is a perfect method to let go of all the tension, anxiety, frustration, and disappointment that comes with a heart break. For heartbroken Scorpios, working out is a fantastic method to let go of overpowering emotions of sadness, wrath, and hatred. They convert all of that anger and suffering into passion, becoming more resilient and powerful than they were before.

6. Go for swimming


Unbelievably, swimming is the perfect exercise for a Scorpio to relieve stress. They'll be able to unwind and let their anxieties out in the natural environment. Through this activity, they'll release some pleasant endorphins, which will undoubtedly improve their mood. This pastime is fantastic for their collective good and mental tranquillity as they exit a trying stage of their lives.

The aforementioned activities are sure to heal the broken heart of a broken Scorpio.

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