7 Amazing things to do if you’re single this Valentines Day

All you singles out there, there are plenty of things to do on Valentine’s Day 2019 if you’re single. Read on.
People,single,valentines day,things to do7 Amazing things to do if you’re single this Valentines Day
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For those in love, Valentine’s Day is the time to reflect on your relationship, remember all the reasons why you love each other, shower one another with expensive gifts and the list goes a long way. However, if you find yourself alone this February 14th, chillax guys! Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to feel left out of the festivities. Here are 7 awesome things to do when you're single on this Valentine's Day.


Go on a shopping spree

What are you waiting for? Go on a crazy shopping spree and make good use of all that holiday sales and offers. Take the money you would have spent on dinner and chocolates and buy a new wardrobe with it.

Have a movie marathon featuring you top celebrity crush

Crushing over Penn Badgley or Margot Robbie? Collect all of your favourite actor's movies, make yourself super comfortable and spend Valentine's Day with your true (on-screen) love.


Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Get the girl gang together and do something fun and entertaining. From going for a fancy brunch to playing Tinder roulette, the options are sky high as long as you spend some quality time with people you care about.

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Take the day to unplug

If you tend to get super annoyed and cranky seeing all that couple love pouring out, use this opportunity to take a day off from social media. You'll finally know what it feels like to be unplugged and it could help you put your phone down more if you're one of those people who feels addicted to it.

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Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party

Maybe you’re single by choice or you’re forever waiting for you prince in shining armour, whatever it is, doesn't make Valentine's Day any less awkward and awful. Be honest with how you feel about it and surround yourself with people who think it's just as cheesy and annoying as you do. You need to ditch anything and everything pink, red or covered in hearts and bash up this day of love as much as you want.


Do something your ex hated

The perfect day to take the sweet revenge by getting up to something you're ex hated. Did they hate it when you wore six inches of heels? Did they despise Chinese food? If there was ever anything that you did less of in your last relationship, then spend your entire day doing it!


Pamper yourself at a spa

This is the best time to do something for yourself. Take advantage of all the "me-time" you're getting by indulging in a massage or mani-pedi

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Remember: Being single is not something to worry about, although it's understandable if Valentine's Day amps any negative feelings towards your relationship status.


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