7 Chakras of our body and their colours and meaning

Chakras are the different energies of our body that control different aspects of our life. So, here are the actual colours of each chakra, their meaning and ways to enhance them.
7 Chakras of our body and their colours and meaning
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Chakras are energy centres in our body. Each chakra vibrates at its own frequency that impacts on our biological processes. But do you know about chakra colours and meaning? Here’s what you should know about chakra colours and meaning.

Chakra colours and meaning:

Root chakra

The colour of this chakra is red. This is located at the base of your spine near the tailbone. It determines your ability to stay calm, feel safe, grounded and secure. So, whenever in life, you feel lost and need to feel safe and secure, visualise a red light.

Sacral chakra

The colour of this chakra is orange and it is located two inches below the belly button. This protects your emotional well-being, creativity, sexuality, intimacy and self-expression. So, to boost this chakra, visualise the orange colour and mediate by saying the term “I am creative”.

Solar plexus chakra

It is located between naval and sternum and its colour is yellow. It governs your personal power, self-esteem and confidence. Boosting this chakra will help you to feel motivated, strong and confident. Include more yellow-coloured foods in your diet to enhance this chakra.

Heart chakra

It's colour is green and is located at the centre of the chest. This chakra gives you the ability to give and take love, compassion, kindness, empathy. To enhance the chakra, focus on your heart and visualise a bright emerald coloured light around it.

Throat chakra

The colour of the chakra is blue and it is located at the base of the throat. It is all about your power of communication and self-expression. Visualise a blue light around your throat area or put some blue stones on your throat while meditating to enhance this chakra.

Third eye chakra

Its colour is indigo and it is at the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows. It controls your intuition, inner vision, higher consciousness. A clear third eye chakra helps you to see the world in a new and different way. Practise Kundalini Yoga to enhance the chakra.

Crown chakra

It is located two inches above the top of the head and has a purple or violet colour. It connects you to your soul, higher self, purpose and the divine.

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