WATCH: 7 Coke Studio songs to refresh your mind if you are bored during lockdown

It is normal to feel frustrated and exhausted for staying at home due to the coronavirus lockdown. In this situation, if you cannot concentrate on anything or get bored enough, then listen to some good music and these lesser-known Coke Studio songs can help you out with it.
WATCH: 7 Coke Studio songs to refresh your mind if you are bored during lockdown WATCH: 7 Coke Studio songs to refresh your mind if you are bored during lockdown
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There are hardly any people in this world who don’t like music. It is the only thing that can accompany us in every moment. Whether we are happy or sad or stressed out, music can heal and refresh our mind. Often people like to listen to very light music to get better sleep. Music has been used as a therapy as well to relieve mental stress, depression and anxiety. Since we are living the lockdown life currently due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s normal to feel exhausted, frustrated and stressed out during this crisis. So, some good music can definitely help us to stay calm in this health emergency relieving our stress on some level. Here are some lesser-known Coke Studio songs for you to enjoy.

Coke Studio, India is an Indian television programme that telecasts studio-recorded performances by various artists. They mostly represent a medley of different genres of music like Indian folk, Carnatic music, Hindustani Classical, rock, pop, hip hop, etc.

Check out these offbeat Coke Studio songs to lower your boredom:

1. Anhad Naad

The gayaki of this presentation is a perfect example of Hindustani and pop-rock music.

2. Piya Se Naina

This composition is based on the poetry of 13th-century Sufi musician Hazrat Amir Khusro. It talks about love, freedom and devotion.

3. Lagi Lagi

Lagi Lagi is based on the Keertan style of music. The composition talks about a girl who has fallen in love with the moon.

4. Chaap Tilak

Amir Khusro wrote and composed this Ghazal in Braj language. This song has been performed by several other notable performers.

5. Sundari Komola

English composition ‘Souls and Parade’ has perfectly been blended with the Bengali traditional ‘Chatka’ song ‘Sundari Komola’. The powerful western singing style has well complemented the folk singing in the performance.

6. Kir Leh Rawh

The term literally means ‘heal the world’. This composition perfectly resembles our current situation. It says how the earth is, no more, pure as God created it to be. And then it urges for a change.

7. Chad Chad Jana

The legends of Pabuji Rathore have been recited by the Bhopa community of Rajasthan in this song. Pabuji is considered to be the incarnation of Laxman, brother of Lord Rama.