7 Eco friendly gifts to buy for your loved ones for a Green Diwali

The festive fever has struck us all and Diwali is one festival that people love to celebrate with much enthusiasm and passion. So much so that we often tend to forget about its consequences. To make a green impact this Diwali, here are some eco-friendly gifts you can buy for your loved ones.
7 Eco friendly gifts to buy for your loved ones for a Green Diwali
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This Diwali go eco-friendly by getting your loved ones these environment friendly products that will lessen the impact on our planet and therefore, help save the environment. Diwali is a festival in India that is celebrated with so much passion, vibrancy and colours that people often tend to forget about the repercussions of it. The cracker burning is one such example of this festival that has to stop because of the harmful pollutants it releases in the atmosphere. To spread this message of celebrating a ‘green’ Diwali we are here to give you a list of eco-friendly products that you can buy for your family and friends this Diwali. Let us start our bit in saving the planet and take a healthier approach towards climate change.

1. Succulent plants

Apart from purifying the air and acting as a decorative item for your house, these succulent plants are great to boost your mood and fight depression. 

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2. Wooden gardening kit

If you know someone who loves gardening, this is the ideal choice for gifting purposes. The wooden gardening kit is eco-friendly and you can help plant more trees with these tools.

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3. Cotton masks

During COVID-19 times, masks have become a necessity. These cotton masks are reusable and eco-friendly. Apart from being a safer choice for the environment, they also look fashionable.

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4. Earthen bird bath

This bird bath will help to attract a large number of birds in your backyard or your verandah. You can fill it up with water for the birds and place it anywhere.

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5. Wooden cutlery

Wooden cutlery is best for mixing ingredients while cooking. This gives your meal an earthen touch and keeps your food fresh as it doesn’t have any toxins, unlike plastic.

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6. Organic yoga mat

Feel grounded with these organic yoga mats, they are best for stretching and meditation. Organic yoga mats do not have any toxins or chemicals and give you a refreshed feeling after working out.

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7. Jute rug

You can place this jute rug with multicolour in your bedroom or living room. It will instantly revamp your house and make it look vibrant.

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