7 Things that you will learn after being home quarantined due to coronavirus

Updated on Mar 26, 2020 06:55 AM IST  |  886.8K
7 Things that you will learn after being home quarantined due to coronavirus

The rapidly spreading coronavirus has led to widespread fear and panic and left people shaken. This virus that originated in Wuhan, China, has managed to spread to 170 countries and has claimed numerous lives. Many countries have gone into lockdown including India in order to contain this virus and prevent it from spreading any further than it already has and this is why a large number of offices have shut down and the public transportation has come to a halt. People have started home quarantining themselves and private offices have started work from home while many companies have shut operation for a while. This has left people with a lot of time on their hands that they're now spending inside their homes. Being stuck at home with work from home has led to many realisations and taught us lessons that we could not have learnt otherwise. It's not fun to be shut inside your home with no control over things and no idea what the future holds but it has taught people a few things that can make a huge difference.

Here are some things that people can learn from being self-quarantined and working from home.

1. Working from home makes you realise the importance of a good internet connection and the horror story of a slow internet connection and the side effects of having those bean bags instead of couches at home

2. It makes you realise the benefits of working from the office and teaches you to value communication. It's not very easy to write formal emails and communicate things without using expressions. Learning how to dictate the tone of your mail is not an easy task.

3. Many of us think that we will be more productive if we work from home but it's actually very difficult to work from home and not get distracted by everything that is happening around you.

4. Self-quarantine can make you realise the importance of social interaction. It makes you miss all those times when you refused to go out with your friend or colleagues because you wanted to stay home and now you just can't step out or meet people no matter what happens. Now you understand the value of that party you skipped and would probably give anything to relive that office picnic when you sat in a corner and cribbed instead of having fun.

5. Self-quarantine starts to get exhausting and feels more like house arrest. It can get very difficult when you can't take a break from the people around you and have to spend every waking minute with the same people. That's probably why you're feeling a little annoyed and want to stab your roomie or your partner.

6. We all enjoy spending some time watching some fun shows on an online streaming site or app and chill but self-quarantine will make you realise that that can be exhausting too after you binge-watch and finish all the best series that you could watch.

7. Home is usually our sacred place where we go to relax and get away from work. Home is where we get a break from things but when you have to work from the place where you go to relax, things can get really annoying.