7 tips from experts to relieve parenting stress

From anxiety to disappointment, parenting brings out a volcano of emotions. Dealing with it in the right way is important. Keep these points in mind.
People,stress,mental health,parenting7 tips from experts to relieve parenting stress
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With evolving times, we have come to realise the significance of parenting. In the wake of social deviation, we have seen how the roots of having a bad childhood and a rift with parents can destructively affect an individual’s mind.

In the contemporary world, parenting does not come stress-free. People have to hide their challenges in these times and share the smallest achievements of the day. This mindset can drive anyone insane, isn’t it?

However, some steps can help you cope through the winding down. You cannot expect perfection from either your child or yourself. Nothing is ever going to be free of error. You must remember you are doing this for the first time. Don't obsess on details, you must see things on a lighter side and appreciate even the tiniest progress your child makes.

It is also important to realise that your age doesn't make you mentally old. “It is the presence of a parent that makes all the difference in a child’s life. Parenting is a dynamic process with both highs and lows. So even if you feel stressed, carry on. You matter to your kids, no matter how much they underplay it,” Dr Kedar Tilwe, Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Health Care says. He also doles out seven tips to deal with parenting stress.

  1. Your child is unique. Avoid comparisons between siblings or children of your friends.​

  2. Acknowledge the presence of stress and identify areas of concern. Take inputs from your well-wishers. It will give you a different point of view and often present a workable solution.

  3. You were never alone. Learn to share your responsibilities with your partner and/or enlist their help and support.

  4. Avoid getting into Tiger/Helicopter Parenting. Don’t try and “fit” your child into the bracket of your expectations. Guide them to achieve their goals instead.

  5. ‘Me time’ is important. Set apart at least one hour every day to indulge in activities that you like without any distraction.

  6. Develop a hobby for yourself and help your kid find theirs.​

“Remember that your kids may be your ‘top priority’ but they should never be your ‘only priority’,” Tilwe concludes. Several parents experience negative emotions while dealing with their children but it is important to cope up with frustration and anger to build a happy and safe home to live in.



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