7 Ways to cope with financial stress

Being in debt and not being able to cover the expenses is a constant worry on our minds. To deal with financial stress requires patience and strategy. Here are 7 ways to manage financial anxiety.

Updated on Jun 18, 2021 05:17 PM IST  |  469.2K
7 Ways to deal with financial stress
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A lot of our worries and stress depends on our financial situation and this could result in prolonged diseases affecting our health physically and mentally. Hence, money can’t buy you happiness is the golden rule to abide by. Making sure that your financial condition is not affecting your daily life is difficult but also attainable.  

Being in debt and not being able to pay your bills is something that daunts us every month. Soon, it becomes a perpetual state of mind where all your days are passing by worrying about clearing debts and making pending payments. Here are 7 ways and notes you should keep in mind while dealing with financial stress.


Track your expenditures

Make a note of all your expenses and loans. Keep a track of where you are spending your money and try to deduct your expenses from there. Take a note of miscellaneous expenditures and try to minimize whatever you can.

Create a budget

By doing this, you will limit your spendings or at least try to. Make it a point to not over exceed your budget and not go overboard every time. Spend your money wisely and on things you essentially require.

Keep emergency funds

Keep emergency cash in handy in case of a worst-case scenario. Always expect that there could be a situation where all your money is lost, in such a case, keep some cash handy in a safe box at home and use it during the time of an emergency.


Keep it simple and minimalistic

Create a simple and minimalistic life with the things you only need as a necessity. Do not hoard stuff at home only to discard it later because you are not using it. Create a vision and plan ahead for the future leading a simple life where you don’t have to worry about where you are going to be spending next.

Look for happiness in other things 

Prioritize other things in your life more than money. Money comes and goes, it is not permanent. Find happiness in real things like spending time with family or friends. 

Believe in quality over quantity

Apply this golden rule everywhere you go. Make sure you amplify the quality of your life and not the other way around. Whatever you buy, wherever you spend, make sure the quality is not compromised. 


Practice gratefulness

Be happy with what you have. To be content and satisfied with what you have on your plate is the ultimate goal. Before you go to sleep at night, make sure you are a happy person who is proud and content with whatever he has. Being greedy will never make you happy. You will always be chasing happiness if you keep asking for more than what you have.

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