8 Best fitness products under Rs 1399 available on Amazon sale today

Grab the best deals on fitness products from Amazon sale today. Check it out!

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8 Best fitness products under Rs 1399 available on Amazon sale today
8 Best fitness products under Rs 1399 available on Amazon sale today
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In today’s Amazon deal of the day, we bring to you fitness essentials at slashed prices. If you work from home or are a stay-at-home mom then working out from home is the best option for you. Working out every day for a minimum of 30 minutes is a must! If you are a workout freak then you already know the endless benefits of a good workout session.

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Here are 8 fitness products from Amazon Sale Today

Here, we have a list of products that will not only make your working out easier but also extra fun! 

1. GOQii Vital 3.0 Fitness Band  

This activity tracker has been certified under 3 grades by the International Organisation for Standardisation. It tracks your all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned and active time. It also measures body temperature, and blood pressure and features multiple exercise modes. This waterproof band entails a 24x7 heart rate monitor, a built-in USB charger, phone notifications for calls, messages, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. 

Price: Rs 3999

Deal: Rs 1399

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2. True Elements Whole Oatmeal  

True Elements Whole Oatmeal is a 1kg jar that contains chia, real fruits and berries. This mixed amalgamation of cereal bowls is considered to be one of the best breakfast foods for weight loss. This oatmeal can keep you full for a longer duration and can help you avoid binge eating as it is packed with dietary fibres. Being rich in antioxidants, this whole oatmeal jar will pave no entry of harmful particles entering into your body, thus enhancing skin health.


Price: Rs 595

Deal: Rs 491

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3. Ab Roller  

An ab roller can help you target your arms, back, and core in a solo sweat session. If you need a break from crunches and sit-ups, this tiny gadget will put your muscles to work and change up your routine. It provides a sturdy grip and is anti-skid and anti-slip. 

Price: Rs 799

Deal: Rs 599

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4. Foam Roller  

A heavy workout can cause immense strain on your muscles and cause unbearable pain. This foam roller will help relax and loosen your muscles after an intense workout. It can be used before as well as after an intense workout as it relieves muscle tension and improves flexibility. 

Price: Rs 1299

Deal: Rs 737

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5. Weight Lifting Gloves

If you are someone who does a lot of weight training then you may have experienced rough and sweaty palms. In order to make sure that you can lift the weight with ease and that the softness of your palms is maintained, use these weight lifting gloves. It will reduce the chances of a wrist injury, blisters and calluses. 

Price: Rs 449

Deal: Rs 245

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6. Skipping Rope

A tangle-free skipping rope for those days when you want to squeeze in a cardio session in your bedroom or living room. Yes, you can do double unders and not have to think twice about tripping on the floor. 

Price: Rs 699

Deal: Rs 474

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7. Herbalife Formula 1 Shake 500 g Weight Loss Protein Powder 

Protein powder shakes are low in calories. There are 220 calories per serving when mixed with 250ml skim milk. This protein powder is a nutritious meal packed with dietary fibre and high-quality protein. If you wish to cut down your weight, consume 2 shakes with one normal meal for the day. 


Price: Rs 3181

Deal: Rs 1865

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8. Yoga Ball

This yoga ball will make reshaping your body more fun and something you will not want to skip. It stimulates the muscles of the core which will improve your body posture, balance and movement control. It will also stimulate stability in your muscles and will also ensure that all your muscles are used in exercise. 

Price: Rs 1399

Deal: Rs 895

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This list of best home gym equipment and fitness essentials will have your home workout sorted for a very long time! These from products from Amazon deals today are available under slashed prices only for a limited time span. So get your hands on them before it's too late!

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