8 K pop songs to listen to remind yourself of self love

Updated on May 22, 2020 11:31 AM IST  |  8.7M
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8 K pop songs to listen to remind yourself of self love

People who love music know that it is more than just a means of entertainment. It has the ability to help you move on from things, get inspired and overcome your fears. It is amazing how just a 3-minute song can have such an impact on the lives of so many people. This being said, today we are talking about K-pop songs that emphasise the importance of self-love and how we should accept ourselves for who we are.

For the unversed, K-pop has been gaining popularity all around the world. With a wide range of pop sounds, amazing dancing skills and great lyrics, K-pop has so much to offer. They are loved by many despite the fact that most of the Korean songs are not in English. One other thing that appeals to people worldwide is that many Korean songs address social and mental problems. 

Check out these K-pop songs that will remind you to love yourself. 

“Epiphany” – Jin 

While most of the songs on BTS’s albums talk about self-love and other mental health issues, Epiphany takes you on a journey of self-realisation and to love oneself before loving others. 

“Dear Me” – Taeyeon 

In this ballad, Taeyeon writes a letter to her future self with messages like liberation, self-love and support. 

“Yes I am” – Mamamoo 

This song by girl group Mamamoo is about encouraging their fans to love themselves and feel confident in their own skin, however, they are. 

“My Pace” – Stray Kids 

This group has recieved so much love in only a few years for their incredibly lyrics and talent. Most of their songs talk about inner struggles and give out a strong message of self-love, just like this one. 

“I am Me” – Got7 

Finding your way and accepting your flaws are two essential things on the path to self-love – this is exactly what this song is about. 

"No" - CLC

This song is about speaking your mind and saying no to things you don’t agree with. It highlights the importance of staying true to yourself no matter what life throws at you. 

"Palette" - IU feat. G-dragon 

People always tell you to act according to your age, but IU begs to differ in this song. She sends out the message that everyone is different and age doesn't define who you are. 

ITZY - Dalla Dalla 

This song is all about self-love and self-confidence with lyrics like, "Don't measure me by your standards, I love being myself. I'm nobody else." 

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Anonymous : Jin in 2016: I am awake, I want to fly but can’t, who are you? Jin in 2018: I am you, but I learned how to fly. ~adapted from a YouTube comment
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : By the way “Awake” was Jin’s first solo and i love it so much please go listen to it, the prechorus and chorus and post chorus is really good
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : There are so many songs about self love, but recently the one I keep listening to is fallin' flower by Seventeen. It's so poetic and deep, especially when you know that it's the members who compose it, sing and dance, it adds even more meaning.
REPLY 0 1 year ago