8 types of toxic people at work you should avoid

While some people are great to work with, others can be very negative and downright toxic. Here are 8 types of toxic people you should avoid.

Updated on Jul 30, 2020 11:42 AM IST  |  880.4K
8 types of toxic people at work you should avoid
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It is nice to have a friend in your workplace. Not only are they your support system but they make it easier to handle things when your controlling boss starts micro-managing you. But not everyone at an office is a potential friend. 

In a job, you don’t know who are going to work with. You may have different ideologies with your team mates. However, that makes the learning process fun with so many people from different backgrounds coming together to bring out the creativity in each other. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most of the time, these differences cause confusion, issues and offences if misunderstood. It can be stressful for someone who doesn’t know how to deal with the different types of people they encounter. Some toxic co-workers can make it more complicated than it needs to be. 

The best way to keeping your cool is to avoid people. Not everyone but the toxic ones. Read on to know the types of toxic people you should avoid at work. 

The know-it-all

Do you know someone who thinks they are better than everyone else? They are the ones that make you feel inferior in order to look smarter. They will break your confidence and make you doubt your potential. They can be super competitive and will not leave any opportunity to belittle you and manipulate others.

The gossiper 

Almost every office has at least one coworker who has a big mouth and can’t help but gossip. They may appear friendly and trustworthy, especially if you’re new. Unfortunately, they garner a lot of negativity which can be harmful to you if not careful. You won’t even realize you are being pulled into the drama. 

The control freaks 

They like to control everything and everyone around them. They don’t like it when people don’t agree with them and won’t stop trying to convince you that they are right and you should do what they say. Be careful of these people as they might drain all the energy out of you to get their way. 

The liar 

Lying is the worst in professional as well as personal life. Unfortunately, liars do get away with half the things they lie about. They are the ones who try to manipulate the people at their company so that they can climb the work ladder. 

The procrastinator

These are the ones who will do everything except work. For this person, work is where they get to complete all their chores, and they are eager to find distractions. They wouldn’t be a nuisance if they kept these habits to themselves, but their laziness can cut into your productivity and may rob you of your energy. 

The complainer 

Talking about draining your energy, the negative person will only demotivate you. They will keep complaining about everything and anything they come across. They might be paid well and rant about how nothing is working for them. They might be good people, but if you be with a complainer long enough, you will become one too. 

The drama magnet 

Some toxic people like drama in their lives and always throw tantrums because they manage to find fault with everything around them. As soon as one problem is addressed, another one surfaces, and it is a never-ending cycle. They are never looking for advice but always looking for someone to sympathize and support them. 

The jealous-judgmental 

You will definitely come across at least one person who falls in this category. People who are jealous or judgmental are never happy or satisfied with what they have. They are the ones who have a hard time dealing with someone getting an award, promotion or simply having a good time. Comparison can kill the joy of living in the moment or be good at what you do. 

Distance yourself from all these toxic coworkers if you wish to steer clear of stressful situations at work. Keeping a distance will help you stay focused on your work and be more productive. 

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