8 Worst habits of single mothers that can damage their mental health

Single mothers always have to multitask as there are many responsibilities on their shoulders. But while taking care of those things, they may make certain mistakes that can affect their mental health. So, Psychologist, Dr. Malini Saba, Founder and Chairman of Saba Group, talks about the worst habits of single mothers that can impact their mental health.

Updated on May 02, 2021 11:59 AM IST  |  333.8K
Mental Health Tips For Single Mothers
8 Worst habits of single mothers that can damage their mental health
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Single mothers have to do many things alone. From work to home management to raising kids, there are multiple responsibilities on their shoulders. While doing these duties, they often neglect their mental health. As a result, they get stressed out, anxious, face exhaustion or depression. So, Psychologist, Dr. Malini Saba, Founder and Chairman of Saba Group, talks about 8 worst habits that are damaging for the mental health of all single mothers.

Not paying attention to yourself

The first instinct of a mother, especially for a single parent, is to give her child everything. But since, one portion of love from his father is being neglected, so it may create guilt in you and take a toll on you. As a result, you try to give your child everything neglecting yourself. This should not be the case. Pay attention to yourself as well. 


Doing everything on your own

You may be a single parent but you’re not alone. It is not you against the world, so seek help from your parents, relatives, neighbours and single parent support groups which could not only help you raise your child easily, but also ward off the feeling of loneliness.

Not seeking professional help

Extremely understated and under-utilised, we often forget that there are trained professionals we can seek help from. Be it a divorce or death, therapists know exactly what to do and can help single mothers tremendously.

Not having a routine

You are not maintaining a routine and this is one of the worst mistakes that a single mom can commit. Keep yourself stuck to a proper routine. From having meals, working to sleeping, exercising and spending time with your child, everything should routine wise.

Not giving yourself the time to grieve

Everyone grieves and rehabilitates at a different pace, but it is crucial not to avoid or skip this process by force. Again, seek therapy that can guide you through this process rather than bottling it up or delaying it.


Mismanaging money

You may be earning money on your own or receiving child support but if you’re new to managing finances, then you may end up with no money at all at the end of each year. So, a financial plan is highly important for single mothers. This will not only smoothen your life but will also help you in savings.

Not communicating with your child

Children can withdraw from emotions just like adults. So, establishing constant communication with your child will avoid long-term mental trauma for a single mother.

Being negative and complaining

Reeling from a devastating life incident can leave you feeling negative constantly but you must fight it. So, do not complain about your ex-husband to your children or engage in other pessimistic behaviour as it could be detrimental to your mental health.


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