9 Essential safety tips to keep your furry friends protected during THIS Diwali

Diwali is a sensitive time for pets due to crackers. So, go through the safety tips to keep your furry friends protected from the crackers during this Diwali.
9 Essential safety tips to keep your furry friends protected during THIS Diwali
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Though crackers are a part of Diwali celebration, they are extremely harmful for our furry friends. They get scared by the noise of the crackers and the gas and chemicals also damage their health.

This year, Diwali is on November 14, and you have to be careful about that if you have pets in your home. You have to take the right precautions to keep them safe and protected during this Diwali. Here’s what you can do.

Tips to keep your pets safe in Diwali:

Consult your vet

Before doing anything, first, consult your vet about it. He will guide you properly with the right safety tips to keep your pooch safe.

First-aid kit

Keep a first-aid kit handy in your house, so that you can initially treat them during accidents.

Used crackers

Dispose the used crackers properly as their chemicals and papers can harm your furry friend. So, clean the area where you will burst the crackers.

Never leave them alone

During Diwali, never leave your dog alone at home or anywhere else. The noise of the crackers makes them scared always and being in the house alone will never be safe for them at all. So, always be with them.

Use collars

Do use collars around their neck during Diwali, so that you can control their moves outside. And keep a note of your contact details attached with the collar for safety.

Doors and windows closed

Keep all doors and windows closed this time, so that they hear less noises of the crackers and cannot go outside.

Keep them indoor

During Diwali, avoid taking your pets outside for a walk unless there is an emergency. And if you need to keep them outside them don’t forget the leash.

Eco-friendly stuff

Use eco-friendly lights, lamps and diyas to create less pollution and noise to keep them safe.

Stray dogs

Try to keep stray dogs in a safe shelter near your house. You can inform your neighbours also about the same.

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