9 Offbeat Diwali celebration ideas for bachelors to make the festival of lights extra special

Diwali is a grand celebration for all including bachelors. So, they can celebrate it in a different way with these offbeat ideas to make it more memorable and unique.
9 Offbeat Diwali celebration ideas for bachelors to make the festival of lights extra special
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Diwali is not only a grand celebration for family, but it is a huge occasion for those who are bachelors. They can finally get some holidays and free time from their work and busy schedule and spend the days with others to celebrate the festival.

But they might get bored with the same celebrations, so they can make it unique by following the ideas. So, here are ideas below.

Offbeat Diwali celebration ideas for bachelors:

Sky Lanterns

Crackers have been quite common for Diwali celebration and they are very harmful to us as well. So, this Diwali light up some sky lanterns to make it unique.

Rangoli competition

Don’t just adorn your home with vibrant rangoli, rather do a rangoli competition together to make it more fun.


Play different kinds of games together to have fun instead of creating noise with crackers. You can play chess, poker, antakshari, dumb-charades to make your Diwali fun and special.

Diya competition

Just like rangoli, light up diyas by doing a competition with your bachelor friends. Check who’s going to light up most candles or diyas.

Home-made sweets

Have a unique Diwali this year by making all sweets and other foods together at home. It will be fun to cook together with your friends and have them for the celebration.

Drinking/eating game

Have a shot or a sweet each time you hear a firecracker. This can be played with mocktail or cocktail or any sweet.

Donate something

This Diwali, do something thoughtful than just bursting crackers. Donate clothes and other important stuff to needy ones to share the happiness with everyone.

Plant trees

Instead of harming lives with the chemicals of crackers, plant trees to create new life. Be it in your garden or any local area, plant saplings together to enjoy this Diwali.   

Protect stray dogs

Keep stray dogs and cats safe and protected during Diwali as they get scared by the noise of crackers. So, try to provide shelters for them.

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