Aggressive, Moody and Arrogant: THESE 4 Zodiac signs are likely to win every fight

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Aggressive, Moody and Arrogant: THESE 4 Zodiac signs are likely to win every fight

Some people don’t have the fighting streak in them. They don’t like arguing with other people and do their best to avoid confrontation whenever possible. They aren’t weak but they simply don’t like the unpleasantness that comes with a fight. On the other hand, some people love to fight.

They never let go of the chance to argue with someone or to prove why their viewpoint is correct. They are argumentative and aggressive and are bound to win every fight or argument that they get into. According to astrology, here are the 4 zodiac signs who are likely to win almost every fight!


Aries is the first zodiac sign and thus, they like being on top. They want to prove that they are the best and will go to any extent to do so. They are always armed with arguments and statements which help them to put their point across and win every argument possible. 


Since Geminis are extremely social and outgoing, they tend to observe a lot of things. This is what leads them to think that they know everything and are the last word on every possible topic. When in a fight, they leave no stone unturned to win and they play with words to somehow convince the other person that they are right!


Scorpios are known for being passionate about everything that they do. When they fight, they put all their energies into winning it and become intensely dedicated. They will respond to every argument of yours with full conviction and will win the fight with their sheer passion.


Aquarians, don’t really keep an open mind when it comes to listening to the viewpoints and opinions of their opponent during an argument. They simply put their point across and are not bothered about what you have to say. They thus, make you believe that you have won the fight because they simply tune off when you put your point forward!

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