Alefiya Vaziri talks about her initiative of helping people with homemade masks for free in COVID 19 outbreak

Updated on Apr 20, 2020 12:52 PM IST  |  1.3M
Alefiya Vaziri talks about her initiative of helping people with homemade masks for free in COVID 19 outbreak

Meet Alefiya Vaziri from Mumbai who has been making masks and distributing them amongst vegetable vendors, street cleaners and poor people, free of cost. Living at the Bhendi Bazaar in Mumbai, Alefiya has made almost 60 masks using soft cotton pieces that she had in her home. This great initiative of her's has helped many people to stay protected during the coronavirus outbreak - especially those who cannot afford to buy masks from the stores. Initially, she went through some trial and error processes before making the perfect design and stitching the masks. Alefiya has received tons of praise and appreciation for putting all her effort to help the helpless. Currently, Alefiya is staying at the Ghodapdeo transit accommodation due to the redevelopment project in her neighbourhood of Bhendi Bazaar. 


On being asked about her inspiration for this initiative, Alefiya said, “I got this idea of making homemade masks from our community leader, Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin. We have always been told to use our skills for the sake of the society by Dr. Saifuddin. So, with this inspiration, I joined the online women initiative Mighzal, which runs a programme called #Mask-a-thon. In this initiative, women from our community make homemade masks and distribute them among neighbours and essential service providers like liftmen, vegetable vendors, security persons, etc”.


Sometimes, it gets quite tough to work alone for such a great cause. But Alefiya said “she is doing all this stuff alone. Sometimes, her daughter helps her with the measurements.”


We may have certain problems while working for something big. So, we also wanted to know if Alefiya has faced any issues while working for this cause. She said, “yes I faced certain issues indeed, mainly with the elastic bands that are used to wear the mask around the ears. Primarily I have used all the elastic that I had at my home and couldn’t buy extra as the shops were closed for the lockdown. But now I’m using the remaining clothes to tie the masks.”


It’s not just about making 5 or 10 masks. When we are doing something alone for society then it’s a huge responsibility. So, on being asked about how many masks she made till now, Alefiya said “I have made around 50-60 masks”.


COVID-19 has not only brought public health emergency around the world, but people are also facing an economic crisis. When we asked is Alefiya has to bear any expenditure for making the masks she answered- “I didn’t have to bear any expenditure for this initiative. I’m using the cloth material and thread available at my home. So, there is no extra cost that I have to pay for."


Lastly, she said, “my only message to people during this global pandemic is to be safe and stay home. And please use masks while going out of your home. It’s not difficult to make and you can do it with hands as well as without any sewing machine. I also believe that we need to take necessary precautions even after the lockdown is over. And I would advise people to wear masks for another six months post lockdown.”


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