Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Useful products for babies to take care of them without any fuss

Updated on Oct 03, 2021 02:03 AM IST  |  49.7K
Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Useful products for babies to take care of them without any fuss
Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Useful products for babies to take care of them without any fuss

Who would have thought managing the little cute babies can be so hard and emotionally draining. If you are a new mom and are struggling with this new phase of life, just pat on your shoulders mama, you‘re doing a great job! Babies, of course, need special care and to make that process easier and functional, you need a few essential products. Here are 6 of those that are on Amazon deals, so you can get them at deal-breaking prices and make it all yours right away!



Thanks to the person who invented these life-saving pants that saves a lot of your time and also from embarrassment in public places. Its soft and breathable material will be gentle on your baby’s skin so he/she won’t feel any irritation.


Price: Rs 939

Deal: Rs 569

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Baby Sleeping Bag

This fluffy soft mattress for babies is easy to carry around your sleeping baby without awakening them. While the sleeping bag provides proper support to the baby while you carry your baby around, the bed can be easily foldable and you can take that bed to anyplace without any worry.


Price: Rs 999

Deal: Rs 554

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Baby Cream

To protect your baby’s soft and supple skin from dehydration and other skin issues, this moisturiser infused with the power of herbs helps. It is specially formulated for tender areas such as cheeks, nose, elbows, and knees and also helps from rashes and allergies.


Price: Rs 260

Deal: Rs 175

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Waterproof Matt

Since it’s ideal for babies to stay and play inside their homes owing to the challenging conditions outside, this colourful mat gives them the perfect play environment. The waterproof mat also provides a new way to learn by touching 3D textured alphabets and numbers that promote their learning ability.


Price: Rs 1499

Deal: Rs 599

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Baby Apron

These cute printed baby aprons will be helpful from when your baby starts to have its first meal. It won’t spoil their pretty cute clothes and also the waterproof lining on the apron makes it an ideal pick that’s very useful.


Price: Rs 1199

Deal: Rs 799

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This mini tub helps you bathe them easily without any worry. If your baby doesn’t like the touch of water on the body and starts to shriek in their loudest voice, all you need is a bathtub to make the bathing process more fun and enjoyable. 


Price: Rs 1195

Deal: Rs 799

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