Amazon Great Festive Sale: 5 Smartwatches available at great discount prices

Updated on Oct 17, 2021 12:47 AM IST  |  83.2K
Amazon Great Festive Sale: 5 Smartwatches available at great discount prices
Amazon Great Festive Sale: 5 Smartwatches available at great discount prices

The best smartwatches do more than let you know if you are getting a call or text message on your wrist. They are everything in one: a fitness tracker for getting healthier, a digital wallet and in some cases, it can act as a phone, even if your smartphone is nowhere nearby. Here are the most affordable smartwatches at amazing discount prices.  


Noise ColorFit Pulse Spo2 Smart Watch 

This smartwatch has a battery backup of 10 days, so you can just concentrate on your game without stopping. You can automatically monitor your blood oxygen (Spo2 levels), real-time heart rate, and attain comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality (deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time) on this smart watch.  Choose from 60+ cloud-based watch faces or customise them as per your preference along with 8 sport modes. 


Price: Rs.4999

Sale Price: Rs.1999

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boAt Xtend Smartwatch 

This smartwatch has an Alexa built-in Voice Assistant that sets reminders, alarms and answers questions from weather forecasts to live cricket scores at your command! It features a big square colour LCD display with a round dial that features a complete capacitive touch experience to let you take control, effortlessly. It has multiple watch faces with customisable options to match your OOTD, every day! The watch comes with a stress monitor that reads your HRV (Heart Rate Variabilities) to indicate stress levels, it also monitors your SPO2 (blood oxygen levels) to keep a tab on your overall health, and tracks all stages of sleep every night to keep a tab on your sleep health with the sleep monitoring feature on the watch.


Price: Rs.7990

Sale Price: Rs.2499

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Fitbit Smartwatch 

You can use built-in Amazon Alexa to get quick news, info and weather, set bedtime reminders and alarms, control your smart home devices and more just by speaking to your watch. Based on your heart rate, time asleep, restlessness and breathing, sleep score helps you better understand your sleep quality each night. Also track your time in light, deep, and rem sleep stages. You can use 24/7 heart rate tracking to better track calorie burn, optimise effort during workouts, see your resting heart rate trends and cardio fitness level in the fitbit app. You can also control Spotify from your wrist and get notifications for calls, texts, calendar events and apps like gmail and facebook, plus send quick replies using your voice.


Price: Rs.14999

Sale Price: Rs.12999

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Fire-Boltt Smartwatch 

This watch enables you to make and receive calls directly from your watch via the built-in speaker and microphone. This smartwatch features a dial pad option to access recent calls and sync your phone’s contacts. The Smartwatch tracks your real time Blood Oxygen Spo2 and has 24x7 Heart Rate Tracking. It also has Sleep and Fitness Tracking. Equipped with an inbuilt speaker, this smartwatch lets you play your favourite tracks on the watch without having to take out your phone. It has multiple Watch Faces and Smart controls like Weather Forecast, Alarm, Remote Control Camera. 


Price: Rs.9999

Sale Price: Rs.4999

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Zebronics Smart Fitness Watch 

This water resistant watch features a function with built in Speaker and Mic, where calls can be answered directly from the Smart Watch once paired with your phone. It helps you track your sleep cycle, steps, calories, distance, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level. It also lets you control music. Stay fit with 7 built-in Sports Mode – Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football. 




Price: Rs.7999

Sale Price: Rs.2599

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