Aquarius to Cancer: 4 Zodiac signs who are extravagant and exuberant parents

You can count on these star signs to be extravagant and exuberant parents.

Updated on Apr 30, 2022 02:32 PM IST  |  384K
Zodiac signs who are extravagant and exuberant parents
Zodiac signs who are extravagant and exuberant parents
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When it comes to parenting, it is easy to believe that almost every parent loves their chid with equal fervour. Yet, while some are practical in disciplining their ward and still pamper them; there are some who go overboard when catering to the needs of their offspring. These parents shy away from ever rebuking their little ones and instead let them run free and a little wild. You can count on these star signs to be extravagant and exuberant parents.


Often Aquarius adults have often experienced overly strict parenting from their own families. So, they vow to do better with their kids. Therefore, you may find that there’s no object money can buy that an Aquarius won’t give their child. Should the kid ask for a sweet, they’re likely to want to bu them the entire sweet shop!

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As Pisces are ruled by their emotions, they cannot keep a level head when it comes to punishing their ward for any mischief. You can count on them to have an emotional heart-to-heart chat with their kids no matter how gross the misdeed may be. These conversations are often a tad dramatic as Pisces is a bit overenthusiastic in their parenting endeavours.


The spouse of a Taurus may often complain that the Taurean bull is a big teddy bear at heart. They may seem heavily built and stoic but their buff look turns to candy floss when it comes to their kiddos. There is not a toy in the world that they wouldn’t buy their little one. After all, Taurus loves to give extravagant gifts!

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While Virgos will love their children as much as other star signs, their professional life is often so bust that they can’t seem to spare the time for their tiny tots. As a way to compensate, they often splurge excessively when giving their kids gifts to endear themselves to the kids so that they still look up to them.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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