Aquarius, Cancer, Virgo: The way you make relationships TOXIC based on your zodiac sign

Relationships are always messy. But we tend to make it messier with our different behaviour. 
Aquarius, Cancer, Virgo: The way you make relationships TOXIC based on your zodiac sign
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Relationships are great when it is all rainbows and butterflies. But with time, once tow people start to get to know each other better, things become messy because we as humans turn it toxic. We become selfish and things get to a point where they are beyond repair. Here is how every zodiac sign turns their relationship toxic in the long run. 


You poison things with your anger. Your fits of anger may not last long but when you do get angry you don't hold back with your words. You overreact, shout and curse without taking a moment to reflect on your feelings and what you're saying. 


You hold grudges. Every mistake your partner makes goes down in your book and you bring it up while arguing, eventually heating things up and making the situation worse. You don't know how to forgive and forget. 


You love the sound of your own voice so much so that you only want to talk rather than listen. You never let your partner voice their opinion, cut them off and always turn the conversation back to yourself. 


You tend to take everything very personally and get offended very easily. Not everything is about you and the sooner you understand it the better. 


You always insist on getting your way. It is about time you understand that a relationship involves give and take which means that your partner also needs to get their way from time-to-time. You cannot always be in charge. 


You always insist on being right even when you are not. You rarely look at things from the other person's perspective and often make others feel stupid for disagreeing with you. 


You often turn things toxic by making it seem like everything is great even when it is not. Instead of expressing your thoughts, you keep it all in rather than dealing with the problem and telling your partner that there is something wrong. 


You tend to go a little overboard by going straight up into denial mode. You say no without even thinking and listening to the other person because you always want to be in control. You don't even consider your partner's ideas or decisions before outright declining it. 


You often look for excuses to get out of your relationship. When things get hard, you'd rather leave than work on making it better. You tend to find all the ways to prove that the relationship is not working and disregard it completely. 


You constantly criticise your partner and talk about how they are failing all the time. You hold them to unreasonable standards and have extremely high expectations from them without holding the same for yourself. 


You are extremely aloof and often reject people when they show you their true feelings which is obviously very damaging to your relationship. You act cold towards them which stops them from getting close to you. 


You complain all the time and rarely accept solutions to your problems. Listening to you complain all the time can be exhausting, especially when you won't change your own perspective. 


I agree if things are not they way they should be I will complain. If I can live with the situation I will leave

I not only totally agree with my sign’s assessment, I agree with the other signs as well when considering my interactions with that sign.

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