Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio: The SCARIEST thing about you based on your zodiac sign

While this is not a warning, it is always good to be aware of the scariest trait of somebody.

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Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio: The SCARIEST thing about you based on your zodiac sign
Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio: The SCARIEST thing about you based on your zodiac sign

Sure, people are extremely kind and compassionate and patient, but there are still some things about people's personalities that tend to scare people. While no person is all good or all bad, there is a little of both in everybody. 
Each person has a different personality that comes out at different times - be it when they are angry, sad, upset or irritated. And there is nothing better to tell more about your personality than the stars. The Zodiac sign is a great way to figure out the actual personality trait of a person. 


Nothing is scarier than Aries' anger. People always need to walk on eggshells when they are around you because you can not only get physical but also violent. 


It is not new information that you are stubborn. You just won't give up on getting what you want and getting your way. It is almost impossible to get you to change your belief or thought and you will fight people if you have to.


You are an extremely good liar which is what makes you scary. You have a dual personality and people believe that being two-faced comes easy to you. Your ability to convince people with your lies is your scariest trait. 


Since you are highly emotional, it is your possessiveness that is extremely scary. Your emotions make you hang on and clingy towards other people and things, making it difficult for you to move on. The fact that you aren't truly capable of moving on, is the scariest. 


You can destroy literally anything that's in your sight when you are in a bad mood. You tend to get overdramatic since all your emotions are extremely heightened.  


You need everything to be perfect which makes you have extremely high expectations from yourself and the whole world. You tend to be over-critical and it is more intimidating to be around you while you are judging people all over. 


You just can't seem to let go of things easily. You hold grudges when you feel people have done you wrong and most times, you want revenge. The fact that you keep tabs and hold grudges is your scariest trait. 


While it might seem silly, your fascination with crime, violence, and thrillers is what is most scary. You just don't let things go - from analysing crime scenes, reading up on theories and more, the fact that you know too much about real-life crimes is the most scariest things. 


You lash out at anything and everything. One second you promise to do something and the other you have forgotten about it. This includes responsibilities and that could mean that you are careless and reckless. This is the most frightening of your traits. 


The most emotionally detached of all the signs, you usually have your emotions under control. But many times you don't know how much to show that you shut yourself off and mentally detach yourself from a person or situation once you are done with them. While you do this to protect yourself, it is extremely scary for others. 


You tend to cause trouble wherever you go, just because you can, Aquarius. You completely disregard the consequences it will have on others and yourself. While it is your way to blow off steam and have some fun, it is extremely scary for others. 


Sure, everybody has negative thoughts. But when you do, Pisces, you go down a spiral hole and there is no coming back because you take everybody down with you. There is no light in the dark tunnel and this is what people fear the most. 

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Mar 16, 2021
So true. I literally destroy anything in my path when I’m in a bad mood.
Dec 14, 2020
This is pretty accurate I guess. I'm a scorpio and I do have a fascination with crimes and such, but I didn't knoe others thought it was scary. My brother a gemini, lies so often making everyone seem bad and the worst part is that it sounds like he believes it. When he lies he totally convinces hinself that it's true. Me being a scorpio can see through it, but my family can't. So, I'm an outcast. I don't believe his lies for shit.
Jun 10, 2020
Most accurate thing I’ve ever read