Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Leo: What your self care ritual should be based on your zodiac sign

We all need time to take care of ourselves and some "me" time to stay sane. Here is what your self care ritual should look like based on your zodiac sign.
Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Leo: What your self care ritual should be, based on your zodiac sign Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Leo: What your self care ritual should be, based on your zodiac sign
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The world can be extremely chaotic from time to time and can be extremely stressful, causing massive problems and hindrances to our daily lives as well. It is easy to get stressed out due to the pressure we all feel from time to time but to avoid this, self care should be given priority. It is one simple ways in which we can relax and calm the body, mind and soul. It may be a spa day, a day of meditation or anything else. Here is what your self-care ritual should look like, based on your zodiac sign


For you, Aquarius, self-care is all about being with a group of people you are closest to and learning with them. From a class on exercise to cooking to anything else, they feel like when they are with their friends who care, they don't have to solve all their problems alone. 


For you, self care is all about pampering your hands and feet because you work most with them. A hand/foot massage with the best essential oils or a pani/pedi session is the perfect self-care ritual for you. You love when your hands and feet gets the attention it deserves. 


You need something that will help you slow down for a moment and take a break from the fast-paced world. You need something that will help you feel calmer and more centred before going back to the grind and reality again. 


For you, love and care equals chocolate or something sweet. It doesn't take a lot of effort to help you relax - just binge on a yummy chocolate dessert, light up a scented candle and just sit back with soft, soothing music and you are all set. 


For you, self care is all about getting physical. Take a dance class or a fun activity that you know you will love. Think salsa dance, bollywood or something more exotic like African tribal, maybe? After working up a good sweat, take a good bath and get set to rule the world!


Considering nature and music are two of your favourite things, it is all about curling up into a chair with a good book or listening to music while taking a walk in the park. When you flex your creative muscles, nothing makes you happier. 


For you, Leo, self care is all about focusing on the positive and eliminating the negative. You just want to chill with a close friend, discuss what is bothering you and figure things out while hearing a few compliments about yourself to boost your ego. 


For you, getting rid of clutter is the best way to clear your mind and get rid of excess stuff at the same time. This simple yet ordinary thing like fresh sheets, a good smelling home and loads of rest after is your way of self care. 


Your way of self care is letting lose. Going out and catching up with your friends for a couple of drinks, snacks and just having fun, is the best way to spend time. 


For you, self care is all about mental health and excellent conversations. You want to let lose with the few people you are close to and open up to them. Talking things out is extremely therapeutic for you, Scorpio. 


For you, self care is all about heading to some place new and pampering yourself. You just need to take off on a solo trip where you can relax, let lose and explore new waters. For you, a new location equals a new mind. 


You tend to get extremely stressed out very easily. Your way of dealing with it and remaining calm and your method of self care is to try and remain as positive as you can through the day. Positive thoughts and words help keep yourself on track at all times. 

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