Aquarius to Virgo: 4 Zodiac signs who are intelligent and analytical

Read on to find out if your zodiac sign is among the ones who are the most gifted minds of them all.

Updated on Mar 04, 2022 04:52 AM IST  |  984.8K
Zodiac signs who are intelligent and analytical
Zodiac signs who are intelligent and analytical
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Do you often find that you analyse a situation from all possible angles? Or perhaps you devise a Plan B and Plan C even before Plan A has failed to lead to fruition? Well, there are few attributes in life that are as coveted as intelligence. Yet this is something that some zodiac signs are just born with. Read on to find out if your zodiac sign is among the ones who are the most gifted minds of them all.


You may know of this sign as a self-confessed perfectionist. But did know that this earth sign is also exceedingly adept at analysing situations? There is a reason why they are so popular in social circles. They navigate friendships and relationships in a breezy manner due to hours of meticulous planning, thinking about how people must be handled and by scheduling their social calender.

virgo earth sign


Libra struggles to relinquish control and are often seen as stubborn and stoic. But there is a reason for this behaviour for they are the thinkers of the zodiac and mull over every decision thoroughly before taking a call on it. These brainiacs have a clear wit and sharp intelligence that wows people around them.


Some are intellectuals and have an inherent analytical nature. And cancer is one of them. Even though this is one the most underrated signs of the zodiac and is frequently pegged as a worrier and cry baby; they are the worriers for a reason. They think of a situation from every angle to discern the right path ahead. Not only are crabs intellectuals, but they can outthink just about any zodiac sign.

cancer sign of the zodiac


Often pegged as flighty and emotionally unavailable, the air sign of Aquarius contemplates all things in life with a maturity that is often beyond their years. This stems from a strong mind that always steers Aquarius toward the most logical decision they could make. Hence, they seldom find themselves drowning in indecision, because this air sign always knows his mind.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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