Are you a highly sensitive person? THESE are the signs to know if you are one

In today's time, very few try to have a conversation, and people who think about others are considered too sensitive. Sensitive people are now looked down upon and are not preferred for being who they are. If you face the same issue, then read more to know if you are highly sensitive or not.
Are you a highly sensitive person? THESE are the signs to know if you are oneAre you a highly sensitive person? THESE are the signs to know if you are one
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Why are you so sensitive? If someone asks you this question next time, don't consider it as a rude remark, rather take it as a compliment. Highly sensitive people are those who understand emotions and feelings better than others. They know how to react to those feelings and experience them. In this age of technology, where communication and conversations are fading away with time, being sensitive to others feeling has now become a quality that not many poses. 

People who think about others feelings are often put down by society because they are considered too sensitive. If you think being sensitive is inappropriate, let me tell you in this era, it's a blessing in disguise. If you can resonate with any of these signs below, then you are highly sensitive, and trust me you are blessed to be one. 

You feel other people's pain:

If people around you are not doing well emotionally or physically, that bothers you. You can't do much about it at times, but still, it affects you and you wait for things to get better with them. With time, when they feel better, you feel better too.

You prefer to hang out in smaller groups:


No, you are not an introvert, you just believe in having a meaningful conversation with someone and connecting with them on a personal level. You don't feel like having the same connection with everyone and hence chose to hang out with fewer people.


You like to spend some time with yourself:


For you, an ideal Friday night will be where you are at home in your PJs spending time with your pet. You'd rather prefer sipping some hot cocoa and reading a book for entertainment. Highly sensitive people feel very fed when they have their pets around and don't feel the need to go out now and then. 


You understand what people feel:


People don't need to share what they feel, you understand their feelings without them even having to open their mouth. That makes it easier for you to understand what they are going through and guide them in a better way. People don't need someone who understands their problem; they need someone who can feel what they are going through. This helps them to get in touch with their feelings and accept the situation. If you can feel people, then that's a blessing.


Bigger crowds make you feel lost:


When you are part of a bigger crowd, you feel a lot of energy in the room, and that gets taxing at times. It makes you feel overwhelmed, and you need alone time afterwards to connect with yourself. Hence, you prefer avoiding crowded places or parties with too many people. 


You feel exhausted when you work more than your capacity:


You prefer working at a certain pace and for a set amount of hours. Overworking or competing with others drains you out both physically and emotionally. You prefer being the best version of yourself than to be overworked and exhausted. 

If you connect with all these signs, then you are highly sensitive, and you are lucky to be one.

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