Are you depressed? SURE signs that depict you are suffering from depression

Depression affects millions of people. Here are some signs that can help decode depression.
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Everybody feels sad and lonely from time to time. We are constantly burned with rejection, struggles, heartbreak, self-esteem issues and more. All of these are normal reactions. But at some point, these things turn into symptoms of something more serious and last for a longer duration. This eventually becomes both physically and mentally harmful for the body and mind. This is when it is advisable to seek medical help.  
But one should understand that being unhappy is not the same as being depressed. It is a very loose term that is thrown around but needs to be taken much more seriously. 
Some of the symptoms of depression are:
Weight fluctuations
With the onset of depression, there is a change in the appetite. The person going through depression can drown their emotions into the food and consume too much of it or not eat at all for long durations of time. Such drastic dietary changes are sure signs of depression.
Lack of interest
Have you started to detach yourself from activities you used to earlier enjoy? Depression can take the pleasure out of activities you once loved and were interested in whether it was your favourite hobby like reading or just playing your favourite sports or video games. 
If you have been feeling extremely nervous, restless, tense and a sense of dread, you could be suffering from a major symptom of depression. Though depression doesn't lead to anxiety, they both usually go hand-in-hand. 
Constant exhaustion
Do you feel tired most of the times? Fatigue is a major sign of depression. Despite being constantly exhausted, you might not get sleep which means you need to visit a psychologist immediately as depression is also linked with insomnia. 
A roller coaster of emotions
Most people who are depressed, don't know how to control their emotions. One minute they could be crying uncontrollably and the next minute they could have an outburst of anger. Emotions can switch almost instantaneously and have a drastic effect on yourself and the people around you. 
Excessive sleeping
This is the other side of the coin and is also a symptom of depression. The fatigue and constant state of exhaustion could lead to excessive sleeping and so much so that getting out of bed can become a challenge over time.  
Constant state of irritation
There is a lack of focus in everything that you do. You are constantly restless and irritable and might even take up substances or tobacco or alcohol to calm yourself down. 
If you see these symptoms to a large extent in yourself or a dear one, for more than a month, it is advisable to get help before it get out of hand and extreme. 


If any person have these symptoms or any 1 of them go and seek help from doctor. I have depression and I am fighting with it. Trust me it's not a good feeling at all

I am witnessing 5 symptoms out of above mention traits. What to do ?

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