Are you familiar with negative self talk? Here’s why it needs to stop now

Updated on Jul 24, 2019 09:55 PM IST  |  762.7K

We all have that little voice in the head that talks to us, that judges us and tells us when we’re going wrong. Sometimes this little voice in our head just can’t help but criticize us. It points out every mistake we make and everything we do wrong. It points out our flaws. This voice that criticizes us at every step is so negative that it can make life very difficult for us. These little negative conversations you have with yourself are known as negative self-talk. This negativity can make you question your failures and make you feel like a loser or a failure yourself just because you failed at one thing. One failure doesn’t define who you are but we have a tendency to be hard on ourselves. We usually blame ourselves for anything that goes wrong with our life.

This makes us negative as a person. It makes you lose confidence in yourself. It makes you see yourself in the negative light and clouds your ability to think clearly. You blame yourself for everything that goes wrong in life. It limits your thinking. You’re so focused on the negativity that you fail to see the good that comes out of it. No one can be perfect and never fail in life. Negative self-talk makes you want to become perfect but it is an unrealistic goal.

Negative self-talk can make your life much more difficult and challenging. It magnifies each and every problem that you have ten folds and makes it’s nearly impossible to get out of. It makes you overthink and oversee. It makes you oversee your qualities and strength. The negativity hides your positivity. It renders you incapable of doing the right thing. It makes you feel helpless and increases your anxiety. It can lead to an anxiety disorder too. All of this combined together forces you to build walls around yourself and denies you and real connection with people and it lowers your self-esteem. Self-criticism is important and being hard on yourself helps you learn and do better in life but negative self-talk can do the exact opposite of it. It can hamper your learning and positivity.