Are you a football enthusiast? THESE are the teams you should support based on your zodiac sign

It is the premier league season and football fans are in a frenzy all over the world, keeping their weekends busy by showing their loyalty towards their respective teams. If you are an intermediate football fan and new to this sport, here are the teams you could support based on your zodiac sign that perfectly resonate with your personality.

Updated on Oct 14, 2020 06:21 AM IST  |  2.3M
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Are you a football enthusiast? THESE are the teams you should support based on your zodiac sign
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Combining the love for astrology and sports, this list is to start your journey as a football fanatic and to give you a reason to follow this amazing game that unites everyone across the world for the love of sports.

Astrology shouldn’t be limited to finding a soulmate or the perfect characteristics to match your date with, it could be used as an excuse to get into the psyche of sports and follow a team that resonates with you. If you’re struggling to pick a team to support this football season then this might be of some help to you. However, this analysis is subjective and not restrictive, you could always understand the history of a particular sport and base your decision on that. But to add some fun and fire to the game, here’s a list of football teams that you can support this football season that matches with your idiosyncrasies.


Aries - Chelsea

Chelsea is all about making a statement and being bold about it. Chelsea recently spent over 200 million euros on new players for this season. So, those who enjoy luxury and a dramatic entry into the season, then Chelsea is the club for you.

Taurus - Manchester City

A down-to-earth club, but with a certain class, Manchester City is the team for you. Another club that is known for bringing in all the luxury and fanciness to the sport, Manchester City is the club that reflects both traits for this zodiac sign.

Gemini - Liverpool


Liverpool has come off as the strongest and one of the best team after winning their first title in 30 years. This team has its own redemption story. The vibes of this team are immaculate, with each player bringing diversity to the team that best reflects with the traits of a Gemini, known for their versatility and the energy they bring to the ground.

Cancer - Tottenham

If you’re an old school kid, then Tottenham is the team for you. If you’re one of the few people who stay loyal supporting the underdogs, who haven’t won much but manage to stay somewhere mid-table, this is the team for Cancer.

Leo - Arsenal

If you’re a 90s kids and uber cool, Arsenal is the team for you. It matches the cool, calm and confident personality that the Leo kids exude. Arsenal has a pretty huge fan base and the team has had great victories in the past.

Virgo - Leicester City

Leicester City is the underdog team that managed to score 2nd position in the league. It carries out a hipster vibe that Virgos would really love or connect with. 

Libra - Leeds United


Leeds have made a comeback this season with few major upgrades and things are looking well for this team. The hardworking kid in the group project, but managing to keep it lowkey at the same time, Leeds is the team for this zodiac sign.

Scorpio - Manchester United

The millennial kid who is pretty much exhausted of everyone’s drama and wants to play it cool. Also, the loyalty that Scorpios possess would come of help by supporting this team. Manchester United were the big guns with major victories, but things changed soon after their most reputed manager, Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

Sagittarius - Everton

Currently standing in 1st position in the league, this team is for those who never give up and come back stronger. Sagis would love the energy and enthusiasm of this team.

Capricorn - Newcastle United


This club has a great history and they are a dominant team in the league which is why it is the perfect team for a Capricorn who loves being dominant, persistent and value principles.

Aquarius - Aston Villa

If you don’t want to follow run of the mill teams and want to support a team that is more mid-table with emotional roller coaster moments, then this is the team you should be supporting. The Aquarians love a great challenge and supporting the underdogs who have a great history.

Pisces - Crystal Palace

If you possess passion for a sport and emotional love for the game, Crystal Palace is the team that you should support. Fans of Crystal Palace are known for being the most passionate in this sport. Pisces is a sensitive sign and compassionate in nature and these qualities would reflect best with this team.

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