Are you a movie buff? Watch THESE films as per your zodiac sign

Watching movie is fun, but finding the right movie to watch is tedious and time-consuming. If you are planning a movie night, then here are some movies that you must watch as per your sun sign.
Are you a movie buff? Watch THESE films as per your zodiac signAre you a movie buff? Watch THESE films as per your zodiac sign
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At times, choosing the perfect movie for a movie night can be taxing. You tend to overlook so many options, but finding that one movie becomes difficult and time-consuming. And it's not your fault there are just way too many movies to choose from, be it sci-fi, romance, comedy, action or drama, the options are endless. However, we have made this ordeal a bit easier for you by revealing the movies you should watch based on your zodiac sign.

Here are some movies that you should watch based on your zodiac signs. So, no need to waste more time in finding the perfect type of movie, since your zodiac sign has already done that for you.



You are full of energy and courage. You should either watch romantic movies or action movies that keep your mind running. So you either watch any James Bond movies like Casino Royal or Rom-Coms like Isn't It Romantic




For you, it's all about comedy movies that can make you forget all your problems. Taureans are steady, and creative people and hence comedy is their thing. Watching classics like The Hangover or Andaz Apna Apna can get you in a good mood. 




Gemini's are generous, affectionate and curious. You love to ask questions, and hence you should choose complex psychological dramas, thrillers, horror or mysteries. Movies like The Exorcist, No One Killed Jessica and The Cabin In The Woods are a good option. 



You are emotional and intuitive, but you're afraid of getting hurt and hence you're always guarded. So you can watch any movie, but drama and romance is certainly your thing. Watching sentimental chick flicks like Sleepless in Seattle, or Sex and the City will let you experience all sorts of emotions. 




You are very generous and affectionate, but at the same time you can also be a little superficial, and self-centred. Hence when it comes to movies you can go from watching drama to romance to sci-fi, and comedy. It all depends on your mood. You can watch How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and at the same time can watch Gravity.




You're a sensitive, practical, and critical person. You are someone who'll enjoy documentaries, science fiction, thrillers, and real-life stories. So a movie like The Matrix or Man on Fire will uplift your spirits.  




You're hopelessly romantic and sentimental. Hence rom-com movies like My Best Friend's Wedding, Clueless, or Pretty Woman is your thing. 




You're mysterious, passionate, and have a dark sense of humour. Horror movies, superhero movies, murder mysteries and action movies are perfect for you. Movies like The Ring or Scream are great choices for you. 




You appear to be tough on the outside, but are a soft and gentle person from inside. Rom-Com movies like When Harry Met Sally or The Proposal will be good for you. But since you also enjoy comedy and action, so any action movie like The Raid or Avengers will also be good for you. 




You're the family-oriented type of person. So family movies like The Lion King, Boss Baby or Despicable Me will be good for you.




You are unconventional, intelligent, artistic and philosophical. So you'd like a thriller, horror and history movies. Movies like War of the World or The Shining will be preferred by you.




You're compassionate, loving, and wise. You don't care much about the genre of the movie you're going to watch, as long as you're watching it with your family or friends. So watching movies like You've Got Mail, or Crazy, Stupid, Love will give you joy.

Tag your friends and plan a movie night right away! 

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