Are you planning for a second child? THESE are the things to consider

Having a second child means more responsibilities. Along with the mother’s health and financial stability, certain other important factors have to be considered. Read below to know.
Are you planning for a second child? THESE are the things to consider
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Are you planning for a second child? This may be easy for some people who have experience due to their first pregnancy. But certain other new responsibilities will be there this time, which people need to be ready for. On one hand, you have all responsibilities of your first child, balancing home, work and now there will another addition.

Several things are associated with this decision like parents age, mother’s health, financial condition, career and others. So, if you are planning for a second child, then you have to think about them. Recently, popular Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan announced the news of being pregnant with her second child. Taimur Ali Khan is her first child, who is three years of age. So, here are some points that should be kept in mind while planning for your second child.

Planning for a second child:

Mother’s physical health

Mother’s health is the prime thing that should be considered first. She can conceive for the second time, if her health is at an optimal level.  

Mother’s age

As women grow older, their menstrual cycle also goes through several changes. They have limited supply of eggs the quality of which also decreases with their age. This may increase the chances of miscarriage or genetic defects in the second child.

Father’s age also matters

While planning for a second child, father’s age should also be considered. Research has shown that men after 35 years of age have a decrease in their sperm quality.


Mothers planning for a second child have already experienced this in their first pregnancy. They again have to take a break in their career.

Family goal

Partners may disagree with each other on this. One may want to have the second baby right now and the other wants to wait for it. So, before taking any step, both of them have to discuss with each other and must be on the same page.

Financial stability

This is one of the most prime factors to keep in mind before planning for the second child. Plan everything in advance about financial things.

Age gap between the two babies

It’s better to have a smaller age gap between your two kids. They will be in the same age group.

Delivery of the second baby

If you have a C-section for your firstborn, then it’s recommended to repeat the same process for your next child. Waiting for labour pain in the second pregnancy is quite dicey. Always consult your gynaecologist for it.

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