Are you a single mom? HERE are 5 things you can do to relieve stress

Being a single mother is a tough life as it comes with many challenges and responsibilities. It gets stressful and hectic to raise your child without any mental support. Here are 5 ways you can reduce stress if you are a single mother raising kids independently.
Are you a single mom? HERE are 5 things you can do to relieve stress
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Due to various circumstances that could be unforeseen or intentional, raising a child independently comes with many challenges and responsibilities. It leads to having mental stress, anxiety and often depression in single mothers. Solo parenting can be a stressful and demanding task, one that you cannot escape from, especially if you are a single mom who is working as well.

Ensuring your kids are taken care of, their needs are looked after while doing your office work is full time demanding task. It can cause reckless hours of work and exertion. To avoid mental stress for single mothers, here 5 things you should keep in mind and follow.

Take a break

Keep a reminder and make sure you take a break from time to time. Plan out a routine and in between work, take a break of 10-15 minutes. You can utilise this break to reply to messages or do deep breathing exercises. You can even take a power nap to energise your body.

Spend some alone time

Apart from self care and meditation, it is important to just be alone. When you are so involved in kids and your office work, you forget to spend time alone and introspect. This helps in relieving stress and keeping yourself calm.


Meditation and deep breathing exercises followed by stretching are the perfect way to reduce levels of stress. Integrate 10 minutes of meditation and deep breathing exercises in your daily routine and you’ll see a noticeable change in your outlook.

Indulge in self care

To avoid mental stress, it is essential to indulge in self care from time to time. Make sure you take out time to look after your personal needs like beauty, health and overall well being. Treat yourself to a luxury spa and get your beauty sleep.

Keep a routine

Make sure you plan a routine for yourself wherein you have dedicated for each specific tasks like spending time with your kids, cooking, house chores and office work. Maintain a strict schedule with discipline and see your life change for good.

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