Are you a single parent? Here are the challenges you will face

Losing a partner is not easy but being a single parent is much tougher. Bracing yourself for being a single parent may make it easier to face the hurdles that you'll come across.
Are you a single parent? Here are the challenges you will face
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Parents have a tough life because it's not easy to be a parent. More so, when you're a single parent. Parting is a full-time job and it requires your 100 percent. It's not easy to do something that is meant for two people, all alone. Being a single parent comes with a lot of challenges, especially if you live in India where being a single parent is a big hassle. Even if you have financial stability and emotional support from your family, there's always some challenge that will come in your way and when you don't have anyone to co-parent and be with you while you jump across this hurdle it can take a toll. It's better to prepare yourself for the challenge than being caught off guard.

Here are the challenges that every single parent faces.

1. Marriage

Marriage offers are common. Being a single parent is difficult with Indian society and culture. Everyone around you will give you a hundred reasons why you should get married and no matter how much you push back there will be marriage proposals especially if you're a single mom. Being a single mom is much harder than being a single dad.

2. Legal Paperwork

All the paperwork has to include the names and details of both the parents and it can be a hassle if you're a single parent and more so if you're a single mom. All legal documents require the child's father's name and details. We live in a patriarchal society and you cannot get away without the father's name on paper.

3. Multi-tasking

You do not have the luxury of depending on someone else for extra support in parenting your child. A single parent has to play the role of a mother and a father both.

4. Social Life

You can kiss your social life goodbye. You cannot have any 'me' time or spend time with friends when you are juggling with a job and a kid with no one else to co-parent.

5. Over-protective Kid(s)

Your kid is going to be overprotective and question the person that you bring into your life. They feel for you and they won't be happy or satisfied with anyone you date that easily.

6. Relatives

You just cannot leave your child alone with the relatives and extended family. They will give your child some uncomfortable suggestions and let's not forget the kind of inappropriate questions that may come along with it. They can put your child in an uncomfortable position or even upset them. 

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