Are you stressed out? Here are some games that can help you relieve stress

Updated on Jul 25, 2019 02:24 AM IST  |  780.4K

Stress can creep into your life no matter what you do. It’s one thing that’s impossible to run away from. You can do your best but stress will still somehow find its way into your life. Self-care is important because ignoring your mental health does you no good. Your mental health can change your life. Just like your physical health, your mental health also needs love and care. Just like when you feel sick you take a day off, you also need to take a day off when you feel mentally sick. It’s okay to take a mental health day. It’s essential to pay heed to your mental health and care for it too. Don’t simply ignore your stress and distract yourself, relieve your stress too. Let your mind feel better. It’s important to give your mind a day off to relax and get rid of the stress. Games are a great way to do just that. It takes you back to your childhood and gets you in a competitive spirit. It allows you to spend some fun family time or bonding time with friends. It also keeps your brain active and it relaxes your mind. Being in a safe and comfortable environment helps you calm down and relieve your stress in a unique way. Here are a few games that do just that.

  1. Jenga

Messing with blocks and carefully pulling out blocks while maintaining the balance of the complete set is not easy but it sure is fun. If those blocks with come truth and dare it can spice up your game a bit.

  1. Uno

There’s nothing better than these cards and strategizing how to win the game. All the +4’s and +2’s along with a savage game and screaming “Uno” before you get caught can get your blood rushing and give you a little break from everything.

  1. Dart Board

There’s nothing better than having an opportunity to aim your dart at the face of person or thing causing you the stress. It helps you focus and helps you vent.

  1. Ludo

What better than Ludo to remind you of your childhood and bring back your good old memories and the spirit of teaming up killing every dice and not letting others win.

  1. Snakes & ladders

Being bit by snakes is fun as long as it’s in this game. There’s no strategy that can help you win with the ladders going up and the snakes bringing you down.