Mumbai rains and waterlogging creating problems? Here are some safety tips you should definitely follow

While the city is chaotic with unstoppable traffic, waterlogging has become a big issue that has created safety issues around the city. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid any unforeseen accidents during the monsoons. Find out more
People,mumbai rains,waterlogging,floodsAre you stuck in Mumbai rains? Here are some safety tips for you and your family
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Mumbai is on alert since July 2 and it has continuously poured ever since leaving the city to stand still. While the city is chaotic with unstoppable traffic, waterlogging has become a big issue. With several trains and flights being cancelled, there is no way out of the city which has further made the financial capital paralysed. 

Now, for a city that never sleeps, it is impossible for everyone to stay at home at all times. Moreover, the people who are already out in the rain are ditching their vehicles and opting to walk home. While this could be a difficult choice to make, there are some safety precautions that you and your family should take to avoid any unforeseen accidents. 

Avoid travelling on two-wheelers:

While Mumbai is famous as the financial capital, it also has a reputation when it comes to potholes. Excessive rains and water-logging make it difficult for people to spot potholes, let alone when you’re riding a bike/scooter. It is advised to avoid travelling on two-wheeler vehicles during the whole season as there is a big chance that the bike will skid on the wet streets.

Must-Carry things:

 While there is a great chance that you might get stuck in the rain, it is important to be prepared with all the necessities in your bag. Make sure to carry all your electrical gadgets in a plastic cover. While you are at it, do not forget to carry a power bank so that your gadgets do not run out of battery. If so, it will become impossible for you to connect with your loved ones if you get stuck. You should also carry a small first aid kit just in case if you hurt in the way. 

If you are at home, make sure to stock up on food and water supplies. It’ll be of great help if the power goes out or the shops get shut because of water-logging.

Do not rely on trains:

If there is water-logging, trains are the first to shut down. It becomes very difficult to commute then. Even if the trains are working, make sure to stay away from the doors and avoid running.


Wear closed footwear:

While you are walking through puddles and waterlogged streets, there is a high chance of catching an infection. Skin diseases are common during the monsoon season, so it is better to wear closed shoes or gumboots that protect your legs and skin from getting infected. 

Do not go near wires:

If you are walking through a water-logged street, make sure you stay away from any open lamp wires or meter boxes. Water-clogging and heavy rains can lead to a short-circuit resulting in fatal accidents. Also, make sure to seal all the open wires in your home so as to avoid any accidents.

Stay away from broken/unconstructed building:

In Mumbai, there are a lot of sites under construction, so it is advised to stay away from such places to avoid any wall collapses because of the excess water.  Stay away for your safety.

Stay away from beaches:

Mumbai is famous for its beaches and the Gateway of India. Queen’s necklace is one such addition to the list. But, during the monsoons, it becomes risky to travel to these places, let alone visiting them. The areas near these places get bad and ultra slippery, so it is advised to avoid any such places which experience high-tides.

What is it that you do to be safe during the season? Let us know in the comments section below.

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