Are you tired of people letting you down? Here’s EVERYTHING you can do to give yourself the love you deserve

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge the fact that people will not love you as much you have expected them to. So, here’s everything you can do to give yourself the love you never received because SELF-CARE is important.
People,self care,self improvementAre you tired of people letting you down? Here’s EVERYTHING you can do to give yourself the love you never received
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People tend to disappoint us and in many cases, we end up self-sabotaging ourselves. Self-love and self-care is important more than every toxic thing in your life. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realise that people and their love/attention is no longer important for them to survive. We usually think that we are capable of the love that others give us but, we tend to forget to love and care ourselves. 


If you do not love yourself enough, how can you expect somebody else to love you? This cliche line has been heard almost a lot times and honestly, you need to be in a good mental space to understand it.


If you feel that you’ve had enough of the world putting you down, it’s time to go back and give yourself the pat on the back you needed and its definitely time to look within for all the missing parts. To start loving yourself, you need to take small steps towards self-care and you can start by doing the following activities:


The first thing towards loving yourself is to start addressing all the positive things in your life. Negativity will only put you down and you might just end up self-sabotaging all the remaining good things in your life. Love yourself enough to let the negativity harm your self-worth.



We often only do things because people around u like doing it. A lot of us have not discovered the things that we actually like. This could be as simple as applying a face pack to playing your favourite tune on the guitar. Find more things that you love and d it as often as you can. We bet nothing will make you happy than doing what you love.



What do you do with people you love? You go on dates with them. 

Just spend some time with yourself in your favourite spot. This can just include eating, playing with your pet, sipping coffee or even just reading a book by yourself. Nothing will give you more happiness than doing something by yourself.


Work is important but not at the expense of your mental health. If you feel that things are getting too intense at the workplace, just go outside and take a  breath of fresh air. Contrary to popular belief, stepping away doesn’t make you lazy, nor does it mean you have a shitty work ethic. It actually means the opposite. Breaks are important to maintain the sanctity of your mental health.



Staying away from things that do not make you happy is not selfish. Always choose yourself over everything else in life. You are allowed to say no whenever you wish. Sometimes you need to focus on yourself and get done what you need to get done. 


What is it that you do for self-care? Let us know in the comments section below.

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