Are you underweight? Here’s how you can gain weight naturally

Updated on Jul 31, 2019 12:48 PM IST  |  1.2M

A lot of us are focusing on losing weight but there are so many who are looking to gain. Losing weight is a priority until you realize that you’ve lost too much. It’s also essential to maintain a healthy weight as per your height and age. It’s easier to lose weight than it is to gain. When your BMI falls into the dangerous category and your health starts declining you know it’s time to put on some weight and ensure your body is well nourished. In a time like this, a lot of people turn to weight gaining products and supplements. Not all of these are natural and good for your health. They could do more harm than good. Your weight gain should also be healthy and organic. Here are some foods that help you do just that.

1. Peanut butter has a lot of calories and protein and fat. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals and it increases your calorie intake and helps you put on some weight. A delicious peanut butter sandwich can come to your rescue in a time like this.

2. Eat fruits that are rich in natural sugar like mangoes and bananas and pineapple. Natural sugar boosts energy and helps you gain some natural weight. It’s a much better alternative to unhealthy junk. Avocados have high calories. Adding them to your diet can also amp up your weight.

3. Don’t cut your butter or ghee. We tend to cut it out of our diets when we try to lose weight. Switch back to butter or ghee because they have a high-calorie count and can help you gain weight and nourish your body.

4. Dry fruits are rich in nutrients and fat. They are a healthy snack to increase your fat intake and put on some weight.

5. Cheese is full of nutrition. It has high-fat content and it can increase your weight due to the high-fat consumption. Add cheese to your diet.

6. Potatoes have a lot of carbs. Carbohydrates can accelerate weight gain. Potatoes are a great source for vitamins, proteins as well as carbohydrates.