Are you a working mother? Here’s how to overcome all the challenges

It can be difficult to manage work-life balance when you are a working mother, and the judgements at home and work don't help either. If you too suffer from the same issue, read below to know how you can overcome these challenges.
Are you a working mother? Here’s how to overcome all the challenges
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Homemaker, best friend, master chef, shopping buddy, confidant – there are so many roles a mother performs on a day-to-day basis. But her role is no longer restricted to the domestic space of a household as more women are stepping out of their traditional roles, and acing the professional sphere as well. While the number of working women has increased, working mothers face a whole different set of challenges with regards to social identity and stigmatization. 

Despite the contributions that women have made in adding to the workforce at home, most working fathers still don’t share the workload at home. In other words, life as a working mother can be a neverending rollercoaster ride, where every up and down is part of everyday life with no definite stop. The word ‘multi-tasker’ may have been associated with mothers, but there comes a time when all you want is some “me” time to relax. But unfortunately, you will feel guilty for even thinking about that. 

For all the working mothers, here’s how you can overcome everyday challenges. 

1- It can be quite exhausting for working moms to maintain a work-life balance. It may seem a tedious job, but organising and planning your work for the next day in advance might help you manage your time efficiently. 

2- Regardless of how independent and confident a mother is, she feels guilty whenever she has to choose her career over family. Make sure to develop a relationship with your partner and encourage them to put in the same effort to take care of the family. It will help you put an end to the inner conflict between what you want and what you must do. 

3- Remember, it is okay to ask for help when from your friends and family in case of an emergency. Maintain cardinal relations with your relatives so that you can approach them in case of an emergency. 

4- Meeting deadlines while taking care of your kid can be tough, especially at times like these when we are all working from home. Make your colleagues and boss aware that your family is as important as your work. This will help when you want to take a day off or apply for leave. 

5- Guilt is the biggest issue for a working mother. Not being with your child all the time makes most mothers think that they are neglecting their child for the sake of their career, which is not true. Performing your duties as a mother is important, but it should not be the cause of you losing your individuality. So, make peace with the fact that you are doing your best as a mother while managing your professional life. 

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