Aries, Aquarius, Libra: What to do when you are bored at home during lockdown based on your zodiac sign

Let's face it, there's only so much of scrolling we can do on Facebook and Instagram. Read on to know how to pass time during the lockdown, based on your zodiac sign. 
Aries, Aquarius, Libra: What to do when you are bored at home during lockdown based on your zodiac signAries, Aquarius, Libra: What to do when you are bored at home during lockdown based on your zodiac sign
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Almost the entire world is locked down in their homes. Staying indoors, running out of things to do, only looking at a few faces (or none), minimal social interactions, etc. is making everybody a little crazy these days. How many times can one reopen and close Instagram and Facebook, take challenges, keep opening the refrigerator in hope that something new might have appeared? People are running out of ways to entertain themselves. That's where astrology comes into play. 

While it can reveal a lot about a person, it can also reveal a lot about interests and all the ways we can entertain ourselves when bored at home that will help in feeling productive and stimulated. 

You are known for your natural energy. Now that you are locked up at home, you don't know what to do with all that energy, so - break into a sweat! Put on your favourite music and do some exercises, burn those calories and see how your mood lifts when your endorphins are on a high!

You work incredibly hard and always put work first, Taurus, which is why you need to take some time off to self care. Put on that hydrating mask, give yourself a home-pedicure and take a long bath while scrubbing your body. This is sure to feel you refreshed and help you in taking on the week. 

If anybody likes keeping busy, it is you. You need to keep learning and be on your toes. So instead of mindlessly scrolling, take some time off to learn things. Take an online course and expand your knowledge. 

Domestic by nature, while you don't mind staying at home for so long, having other people in your space will get to you. At times like this, get comfort through the art of baking. It will ensure your creative juices flow while also keeping you busy and everybody around you fed and in good spirits. 

You miss being the centre of attention, Leo. So the best way to get it back is to go live on Instagram, interact with your followers and entertain yourself and them thoroughly! 

One thing you always find soothing, is organising. You know you live the idea so go for it - organise everything from your wardrobe to your drawers to your desk, kitchen and entire house. By the time you know it, lockdown would have ended and you will have a beautiful home!

You don't need to go outside to glam up - and who better to know this than you, Libra? Rummage through your closet and look for pieces you haven't worn recently, get all decked up and do a full-fledged shoot. Or even shoot some makeup videos for Youtube and go viral!

Stop lurking through your exes accounts, Scorpio. Instead, take things to the next level and lean about human behaviour, since you are so interested in it. Take up psych courses and utilise this time for more things than stalking people. 

You are constantly seeking more knowledge so what better time than now to get more enriched and pick up on skills? Be it cooking, gardening, take up something challenging and master it!

Since you are so focused on your work and still work more than anything, take some time off and spruce up your resume. Add more to your LinkedIn, ensure your resume is up to date and you will feel accomplished!

You are sick of waiting for better news so use this time to expand your brain. Catch up on interesting documentaries - learn about things you have always wondered about and keep the lockdown interesting. 

Naturally creative, use this time to express yourself through art, writing, painting and everything else under the sun. You will also have a lot of material to show off by the end of this lockdown then!

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm Aquarius. Yeah lately I've been watching all old Ophra tv show as well old documentaries. That's what I feel before I read this blahbla

Anonymous 2 months ago

Aquarius and aries goes well

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm aquarius I do a lot of tap and jazz I also learned about the corona virus

Anonymous 2 months ago

⚖ I've done my photo shoot. More than anything I'm feeling exhausted due to less activity. Procrastinating studying and ready my new job policy.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm aquarius and I've been working out, took up an online course in D.M, and i have this super exciting business idea....I'm antisocial AF!! My boyfriend is cancer, his baking.. Studying online.. Its crazy.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm antisocial too. I'm Aquarian

Anonymous 2 months ago

same question

Anonymous 2 months ago

i have the same question because my boyfriend is cancer as well and sometimes its difficult to communicate

Anonymous 2 months ago

Do aquarius n cancer get along well?

Anonymous 2 months ago

im aries and i have been working out...good distraction and makes me feel better

Anonymous 2 months ago

Hahahaha, I'm a Libra, yes! I'm bored AF but I'm not stalking my ex!!!!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

hey you read the wrong paragraph ,i did too....the libra context is above the libra photo (it starts with libra as the heading), see for your self

Anonymous 2 months ago

Ab tm btaoge bsdk kya krna hai kya ni!

Anonymous 2 months ago

CHU**YE Tu pubG khel ja k

Anonymous 2 months ago


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