Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius: Here’s your worst dating habit based on your zodiac sign

Everyone has some innate trait that can drive your partner crazy. Read on to know your worst dating habit, according to astrology.

Updated on Sep 22, 2020 10:39 AM IST  |  2.7M
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Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius: Here’s your worst dating habit based on your zodiac sign
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You finally met someone after weeks of talking to them online, but you said one thing and its game over. What happened? What is it that you said made them change their mind about you? Sometimes things that sound perfect in front of the mirror don’t always sit well with a person you are meeting for the first time. 

We know dating can be hard! It can be more challenging when you realize that one of your innate traits are getting in your way of getting along with a potential partner. If you too want to know what it is that might throw your date off, maybe astrology can help. 

Read on to know your worst dating habit, based on your zodiac sign. 



Aries are funny, adventurous and fun. But they can be impatient and make a move, even when it’s a little too soon in the relationship. 



You like stability and control in life, which is true even when you are on a date. While it might seem normal to you, but you might come off as standoffish in front of your date. 



You are all about expressing yourself, but sometimes that can be a bit too much for your date. Your flirtatious nature combined with your flattering remarks may seem sweet at first but can be overwhelming after a while. 



Cancer, you are emotional and moody. Don’t let your ever-changing moods make your date feel that you are not into them. 



You are charismatic and attractive, but you do have bad dating habits. You love the limelight so when your date tries to impress you with a story, you come up with even a more dramatic story. It is okay to let them have their moment. 



You are super intelligent, which can make your date feel a bit lacking. So, you may want to dial down the classical references and concentrate on what your boo prefers. 



Libras don’t want to set themselves up for being hurt, so you always have someone on the back burner. But don’t assume that your date won’t be able to tell that they don’t have your full attention. Try to be optimistic about the date instead of making assumptions. 



Even though you are having a great time with your date, you tend to bring your ex in the conversation. Talking about your ex is probably not the best idea if you want to plan a second date. You will either piss off your date or make them feel that you are not ready to commit. 



The one with so many suitors! Because of this, you tend to overbook yourself and end up having too many dates at once. Just because there is more than one fish in the pond, it doesn’t mean you have to date all of them. 



You are very practical and goal-driven, so you like being with someone who shares the same traits. When you meet someone you think is not at par with your expectations, you tend to get a bit rude. Not everyone is the same so you should not measure everyone on the same scale. 



If you don’t like someone, you cut them in the middle of the date without explanation. You shouldn’t go out with someone you don’t like. 



You tend to sleuth before you even meet the person, which is not the best. If you have already heard all the stories, then you won’t be able to know anything about them IRL. Try to calm the detective in you. 

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