Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo: Things you REFUSE to deal with in relationships based on your Zodiac sign

When it comes to relationships, there are some things which are total no-nos and nobody wants to deal with. Here is what is yours based on your Zodiac sign
People,horoscope,zodiac relationship,star signAries, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo: Things you REFUSE to deal with in relationships based on your Zodiac sign
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Relationships are one of the most complicated things one can be in. One second things are going smooth and the next, everything is messy and all over the place. They are tedious because you don't know what to expect from the other person. You will need to deal with different things when it comes to them, on a daily basis. But here is what everybody, from you to your partner, refuses to deal with when it comes to relationships, based on your zodiac sign. 


Aquarians are extremely clear about certian things like honesty and freedom. They cannot stand and absolutely hate when other people lie - when their stories don't match and when their freedom is put to test or is trying to be controlled by their partner. 


For Pisceans, things are crystal clear - they want to live life their way. They hate being around bossy people or anybody who is untrue to themselves or everybody around them. They like things kept simple and if you get in the way of their simple being, they are bound to get rid of you sooner rather than later. 


Aries are beings who know how they feel and don't second doubt it. At the same time they also appreciate their partner being clear about their feelings. They can't stand people who give off mixed signals or unanswered texts. Constant mood swings that disrupts their relationship is also a total no-no. 


The most loyal of them all, Taureans hate when their partner snoops through their phone or tries to manipulate them to get what they want. They love their freedom and the trust you put into them and absolutely detest when their partners get jealous. 


Though Geminis can't makeup their minds about their personality, they truly detest when people keep secrets from them (no matter which personality) and people who lie about the simplest things. 


Extremely clear about what they want from a relationship, Cancerians hate when people don't want to label their relationship. They also hate it when people cancel plans last minute because they truly made a lot of effort to get ready and mentally prepare themselves.


They love themselves way too much and respect other people too so it only makes sense that they hate and do not get along at all with people who do drugs or any other kind of hardcore medication. 


The perfectionists of the star signs, they hate when people get lazy and lack a sense of direction. They are also way too old for their age (mentally) and dislike immature people. 


The most social of the signs, they absolutely hate it when people become pushy and are negative. They also hate pessimists who spread negativity all around and people who have short tempers. 


They are complete individuals on their own so hate it when their partners or objects of their affection are incredibly needy and possessive. They also hate passive aggressivity and when people don't respond to them with the respect they deserve. 


The one thing they believe in, is respecting everybody around them. They hate when people act disrespectful and refuse to apologise. They also hate when people refuse to take the blame and put it on other people instead. 


People belonging to this sign are ones who are sure to get self actualised first. They hate when people are also hypocritical and addicted to social media. 

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