Aries, Leo, Cancer: The one thing that ALWAYS gets on your nerves according to your zodiac sign

There are multiple things that irritate and annoy us. But the one thing that you have no tolerance for according to your sign is...
Aries, Leo, Cancer: The one thing that ALWAYS gets on your nerves according to your zodiac sign
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Sure, everybody gets annoyed and irritated from time to time. Those who have good patience can manage this well but those who don't have it, can lose their temper easily. While it takes quite a lot of time to really tick somebody, off everybody has a soft spot. From losing a game to changing plans last minute, every body has a pet peeve that gets on their nerves. This is what yours is, based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries love challenges and hate to lose at games they have been playing for a while. People who beat or even attempt to beat Aries at a game they have sworn to be good at, it gets on their nerves. 


Anal planners, Taureans love to plan everything to the T. From the start of the week to the end, they need to set their schedule straight and have everything figured out. Last-minute changes in the plan are what gets on your nerves. 


Excellent at lying, pretending and everything else, Geminis never believe that they have two personalities despite people telling them otherwise. Nothing gets on your nerves more than people reiterating that there are two people in you rather than one. 


One of the kindest souls, Cancerians come with boundaries. While they understand everything else, the one thing they absolutely don't don't stand for, is people crossing their boundaries. 


Nobody loves themselves more than a Virgo does. They can't stand the idea that somebody might not like them. That's precisely why rejection, no matter who it is from, gets on their last nerve. 


Sure, they are open to criticism. But give them the criticism they ask for and Virgos often lose their minds, despite having asked for an honest opinion. 


A lover of the arts and all things beautiful, they can't stand imperfect things. Be it a grammatical error, a small glitch in a system or even a blemish on pristine clothes, the smallest of mistakes gets on your nerves. 


One thing that they absolutely hate and don't have the energy, patience or anything for is betrayal. They will not only lose respect for you but also not bother with you ever again. 


Like most people, one thing that always gets on a Sagi's nerves and enrages them further is being told to calm down when they are already angry. 


With zero patience for incompetency, the one thing that Capricorns hate it when other people get credit for work they have not done. Or for their work being incredibly bad. 


Lovers of all things adventure and passion, Aquarians hate being tied down especially with desk jobs. They need to be set free and lose into the wild to follow their passions. Talks about settling down gets on their nerves like nothing else. 


With patience like no other, nothing seems to tick them off. Pisceans rarely let things get on their nerves and instead of getting angry, they just end up wondering why the world made people so stupid and sigh instead. 


Not true for me. I'm a Pisces. I can't stand obnoxious and arrogant people. But I may also be influenced by my moon or rising sign in that matter.

I am a piscean

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