Aries, Leo, Gemini: THESE zodiac signs give ultimatum in a relationship

Updated on Feb 28, 2020 12:10 PM IST  |  2.1M
Aries, Leo, Gemini: THESE zodiac signs give ultimatum in a relationship
Aries, Leo, Gemini: THESE zodiac signs give ultimatum in a relationship

When it comes to a relationship, all the relationships require work. One needs to invest heavily in a relationship so that it can work in the long run. While some people take it slow and don't think much about the future, there are others who if they think about something seriously, they like to give others an ultimatum about it. In a relationship, an ultimatum can be a threat. However, it can also be a good way to get things on track. 


If you think that your partner isn't taking things seriously, then you might consider giving an ultimatum to them. While giving an ultimatum is a part of someone's badass personality, it's also related to astrology. Read below to find out which zodiac signs are likely to give an ultimatum to their partners.  





When it comes to Aries, they are confrontational in a relationship and can take things to the next level by issuing an ultimatum. They don't like if people waste their time and if they think that their partner is dragging the relationship, they'll make a big move. Aries know there are times when giving someone an ultimatum is a big risk, but it's worth it to them.





Leos are straightforward, especially when it comes to their relationship. They aren't afraid to give an ultimatum because they've already looked at all possible scenarios and know what their next move will be. 





Scorpios are focused on what they want from life and their relationships. If their partner is being weird and is not ready to commit, they will issue an ultimatum. When it comes to issuing an ultimatum, Scorpios will only do it when they are dead serious about something. 





If Geminis have issued an ultimatum, they've given a thought about it. They do so when they think that that's the only move they can make. It may feel manipulative, but it comes from an honest place for Gemini. 





Virgos will also issue ultimatums for similar reasons to Gemini. They've given a lot of thought to how they can make something happen when their relationship is stuck. Virgos are happy when their relationship stalls. If they're ready to take it to the next level, they'll force their partner to react. 


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