Aries, Taurus, Gemini: Here’s how each zodiac sign shows they are interested in you

Zodiac signs tell a lot about a person in love. Here is how you can tell if the person you like feels the same way about you.

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Aries, Taurus, Gemini: Here’s how each zodiac sign shows they are interested in you
Aries, Taurus, Gemini: Here’s how each zodiac sign shows they are interested in you

New crushes come with all kinds of possibilities – the good and the bad. Good when the response from the other side is the same and bad – that we all know. So how do you know if someone likes you back? Or if you should even make a move? Everyone has their own unique way of showing their feelings, which makes it even more difficult to understand how they really feel about you. However, their behaviour can be understood based on their zodiac sign. 

Zodiac signs say a lot about a person when it comes to love. While some signs are expressive others are extremely good at hiding their feelings, which makes it rather difficult to understand if the person you like likes you back. No one likes the prospect of one-sided feelings or to go through the embarrassment of expressing their love only to be rejected. If you’re not sure if you should express your feelings yet, read on. 

To save you from all the embarrassment, here is how your crush might behave if they like you, based on their zodiac sign. 


This sign has no secret. So if they like you, they will make it obvious. They are one of the most outgoing and confident zodiac signs that don’t shy away from expressing themselves. So you can expect them to be all smiles when they see you. 


If Taureans think someone is worth pursuing, they will approach with caution. They are a picky bunch who takes a lot of time to trust and get involved with someone. They might try to break the ice with a joke, shy smile or tap on the arm. 


Geminis tend to behave opposite to what they feel. If they like you, they might irritate or annoy you. They might be doing these hateful things because secretly, they have a crush on you. 


Cute, shy, sensitive – that’s how this sign behaves when they like someone. They will try to be subtle with their feelings but end up giving away too much too soon. You will see them stealing glances and blushing every time you talk to them. And the moment they see you with someone, they will be the fastest to try to win you over. 


Well, Leo isn’t the subtle type. They like to be the centre of attention, which is also true when it comes to “love”. If they like you, they will show it off especially in public. But when you guys are alone, they will be sweet, sincere and warm. 



Virgos love to help. So if they are secretly crushing on you, chances are they will be the first ones to come to your aid. 


Libras are ruled by the planet of love, Venus. But instead of proclaiming that they like you, they use flirtation as a tool. They might even go around telling people how great they think you are. If that’s something you have heard from people, then seal the deal.  


Like a Gemini, Scorpions also show opposite feelings to disguise their true ones. What gives away their feelings is “staring” – might sound creepy but it's not. They are just trying to understand how you have had such an impact on them. 


It’s a tell-tale sign. If they like you, chances are every part of their body will scream it. From their attitude to their body language, everything will tell you how much they’re into you.  


The epitome of poise and self-control. Don’t expect them to go all out with grand gestures. Instead they will show interest in you by being super-polite, attentive and by making you feel like you’re “it”. 


Most people might think that Aquarians are cold and only operate on logical and analytical terms. But when it comes to their crush, they get all nervous, emotional and edgy. 


Pisceans are romantic beings who will make you feel oh so special! Expect blushing, hanging around, a lot of compliments, saying nice things – anything that makes you feel good.


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