Aries, Taurus, Gemini: THIS is how each zodiac sign behaves when they are on their periods

How we wish we didn't have to deal with periods, but there's no way out and period mood swings are a common problem that we all deal with and every zodiac sign is different when they're on their periods.

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Aries, Taurus, Gemini: THIS is how each zodiac sign behaves when they are on their periods

Every woman understands the pain of periods and the mood swings that it comes with. There's no running away from the menstrual cycle and the PMS. Most of us turn into scary grizzly bears during this time. One minute we're all cute and cuddly and the very next minute we want to kill someone and sometimes we just want to cry because being on our periods feels terrible. Bleeding and dealing with all the bloodshed. It's like a warzone down there and no one likes it. However, it just turns you into a mean person and you can't help but snap at people. Not all of us go through the symptoms of PMS, but for those who experience it, we have our hormones and moods all over the place. But most of us can relate to similar things that we do or experience based on our zodiac signs because we do have similar zodiac personality traits.


Here's how every zodiac sign handles PMS.

1. Aries

This sign has a classic trait. They get very bossy and mean and demanding when they're PMSing. They're very fiery but their periods and PMS won't stop them from achieving their goals. They're also very stubborn and won't let your periods come in the way of anything.


They're very driven and know what they want. They'll keep going on with their work as usual until it doesn't get too difficult. They'll fight their mood swings and all the periods problems until they can. They can do it much easier because they always keep tabs on their periods and know their dates well so they're always prepared for the bloodshed.

3. Gemini

They're known to be a social butterfly and they're just like those women in movies. They want their boyfriends or friends to get them snacks and watch movies together and cuddle. They need some company, someone they can talk to and rant in front of.

4. Cancer

This already emotional sign, get even more emotional. Their emotions and hormones are all over the place and you never know how they'll react. They want their family and loved ones around them or else they'll just complain about how giving they are and how disrespectful and inconsiderate their family is.

5. Leo

They get angry. Periods make them angry at anyone and everyone. They hate it when people complain about things and when you add those angry hormones to the mix, you can expect some yelling and screaming from them. They're scary to be around.

6. Virgo

They're like those girls in the sanitary napkin ads! They'll be all dolled up and doing some yoga and drinking some ginger tea or energy drink in order to feel better and energetic during periods but they're also very emotional. They'll probably cry when they see a kitten or a puppy because they can't handle so much cuteness with the hormones taking control.

7. Libra

Librans use this time to pamper themselves. They let their hunger take control. They will eat whatever they see and indulge in cravings and go for a spa treatment or a massage. They'll do anything and everything to spoil themselves rotten.

8. Scorpio

They just want to rest. They don't want to deal with anything at all during their periods, including your problems. They just don't care. They are not going to put up with anything at all. They'll just eat and sleep.

9. Sagittarius

They turn mean and brutally honest when they're on their periods. They don't have a filter when they talk on their periods and they just can't help it.

10. Capricorn

They don't have a problem with their periods or PMS or anything. They'll hold it all in but they just can't help but stress about every little thing. They won't even let anyone know that they're on their periods but they will worry about things that need to be done and get irritated alone.

11. Aquarius

They just want to stay happy and comfortable. They'll probably be smiling and wear sweatpants to work but this does not mean that they're happy and have no complaints. Know that they're probably screaming on the insider and murdering you in their heads and God forbid if they ever have a breakdown, it won't be pretty.

12. Pisces

They have the craziest mood swings. They're in touch with their emotions and with the hormones taking over their mood swings are extreme and it's like an emotional rollercoaster ride. They hate stepping out of their comfort zone in this time and there's nothing that can make them do what they don't want.

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