Aries to Aquarius: 5 Zodiac Signs Who Find It Easy to Overcome a Heartbreak

The five zodiac signs listed below have a real knack to overcome a heartbreak, which helps them re-discover the appropriate partner much more rapidly after a split.

Published on Nov 11, 2022   |  01:57 PM IST  |  604.8K
Aries Zodiac Sign

Those whose personality types are wired to be more independent can move on and get over a breakup more quickly, whilst those whose natures are wired to survive on emotional connection will frequently have problems doing so and find themselves stuck in a lonely condition. For the former, moving on from someone is as simple as adopting a new pastime and giving up an old one. They are so level-headed that they are highly adept at pulling themselves out of the emotional dip. Similarly, you'll recover from a breakup more quickly if your astrological personality traits include mental maturity, self-assurance and adaptability.

Check out these 5 zodiac signs who find it extremely easy to overcome a heartbreak.

1. Aries

Aries are incredibly kind and caring, yet they have a different way of handling moving on after a breakup. They have a tendency to move on from their ex-partners fast because they think that due to their kindness, someone better will undoubtedly come along. If they expect a heated situation, they would choose to end the relationship rather than risk being harmed by their partner.


Gemini zodiac sign

2. Gemini

They have little trouble going out and interacting with new people, so they can easily move on right away after a heartbreak. They take their grief in hand and continue living their life. Since they have inquisitive personalities and are constantly looking for new experiences, if they had a failed relationship, they would probably get away from their ex's belongings and remove them from media platforms.

3. Leo

Leo will move on rapidly than anyone expects thanks to that pride that they are born with. Soon after experiencing a heartbreak, Leos will go out and embrace their independence and freedom rather than isolate themselves and obsess over what went wrong in their relationship. Leos have such a strong sense of self-worth that they never look back after a breakup. They are fast to move on because they value their own dignity and honor more than mending with their ex.

4. Sagittarius

It's not very challenging for Sagittarians to sit tight and move on after a heartbreak. They are the ones who instantly see their value and will start searching for a better match. When they suffer a heartbreak, Sagittarians typically don't dwell on it or linger in misery; rather, they push on to the next opportunity because they cherish life and do not wish to waste any of it.


Aquarius Zodiac sign

5. Aquarius

Because they are so strong, Aquarians are less likely to be negatively affected by a heartbreak than you might think. They are rational people who understand that no matter how they might feel, nothing will ever return to the way it was. When their partner even hints at ending the relationship in the slightest way possible, they will break it off. This is because they like to focus on the future and dislike living in an uncertain world.


Although separating is difficult, moving on is essential. While the mind is cloudy, it might be challenging to see past the layer of mental anguish and grief, yet looking back won't make things any better. Moving on provides you the chance to start over, and the aforementioned zodiac signs are excellent at embracing new beginnings.

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