Aries to Cancer: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Secretly Carry Traces of Heartbreak All Their Lives

Some zodiac signs find it extremely challenging to move on after a breakup. Their health might be impacted by feeling emotional sorrow for extended periods.

Published on Feb 23, 2023   |  12:16 PM IST  |  139K
Zodiac Signs Who Secretly Carry Traces of Heartbreak All Their Lives
Zodiac Signs Who Secretly Carry Traces of Heartbreak All Their Lives

Breakups often have people feeling empty, or hopeless for a long time. Some people think their world might turn upside down if a relationship ends. And while some easily move on once a relationship ends, others could experience lasting despair for ages. It may feel as if their world is imploding at the moment. But it is important to note that after a few weeks or months, the heartbreak might have bodily consequences in addition to taking a toll on them emotionally. Have a look at the star signs who tend to experience this after falling hard for someone they could never be with.

1.   Aries

Aries have a strong self-preservation instinct; hence, even after a breakup, they will be following healthy eating routines. They try to surround themselves with loved ones by participating in social activities as it assists in lowering the hazards to their mental health as they tend to overthink when they are alone. Nonetheless, they find that they are more cautious when falling for someone in the future.

2.   Virgo

Virgos who have gotten their heart broken often no longer enjoy their usual hobbies, and they experience appetite changes. Some may experience excessive sleeping, or a surge in tendencies such as overthinking at night, pacing in their rooms, etc. the usually confident earth sign also noticeably has difficulty focusing or making decisions.

3.   Capricorn

It's frequently challenging to determine whether the melancholy and aloofness exhibited by this star sign are a typical reaction to a split. But right after a breakup, you may find a Capricorn sobbing with grief and fear of never finding love again. Capricorns also experience feelings of worthlessness and act angry and impatient, which is not usually in their nature. These reactions may be the negative consequences of the pain they feel.

4.   Cancer

Cancer falls deeply in love quite easily but finds that erasing love from their hearts for someone isn’t easy at all. Years after the split, there are lasting changes in their eating patterns, diminished motivation, and sadness as a result of the heartbreak that has lingered. They secretly carry these traces of love and loss all their lives.

Although grief and heightened emotions are common responses to a breakup, it's crucial to know the signs of long-term heartache. These star signs must seek the help they need to heal and make a fresh start.

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