Aries, Virgo, Aquarius: 5 zodiac signs signs who are MOST likely to survive the apocalypse 

The stars reveal everything about you, including what kind fo survivor you are. 
Aries, Virgo, Aquarius: 5 zodiac signs signs who are MOST likely to survive the apocalypse 
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There are multiple end-of-the-world shows and films that we can binge on as we all practice social distancing at this time of the pandemic. But have you ever wondered what the likeliness of you surviving the apocalypse is? 
The good news is, that the stars reveal it all - even how the world ends. So the truth and all the news lies in your zodiac sign. 
Every sign has a different strategy - some might lead others are born followers. Your zodiac sign also reveals your strengths and weaknesses that will take you a long way. Read on to know the signs who are most likely to survive the apocalypse. 


You will survive solely because you don't let emotions rule you and are excellent at making tough decisions. When the world is ending, you know how to keep a group together and not lose composure. You don't crumble under pressure and never show when you are upset or hindered making you one of the toughest of the lot. 


You are known to have excellent analytical skills and are known to find the solutions of problems that nobody can see. You see the finer details and know how to think critically, often helping out in finding a solution to a huge problem which is what makes you an asset during the apocalypse. 


You are driven, fearless and ensure that nobody is pulling you down. You take things on head-on. You know how to turn anything into a weapon to use at your time of need. You are the one who will fight till the bitter end to survive the apocalypse. 


You will survive the apocalypse because you are always looking for a way out, Aquarius. You can't help but let the curiosity get the better of you and can go till the end of the world to get answers, or even protect yourself if need be. 


Your hack is that you work alone. This is what will also help you survive the apocalypse. You will nt let others hold you back. You fend for yourself, build your own shelter, make your own weapons and protect yourself till the end of time. 

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