Aries, Virgo, Leo: THIS is your deadliest personality trait according to your zodiac sign

While some might have a scathing temper, for others it is about making snark comments.
Aries, Virgo, Leo: THIS is your deadliest personality trait according to your zodiac sign
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When it comes to astrology, the stars can predict a lot of things. From a person's behaviour to their personality trait. These can make them easy or difficult to deal with. But everybody has personalities that are two different sides of a coin. A personality that is liked by everybody, while the other one is deadly as ever that not just intimidates people but can be scary them as well. Read on to know your deadliest personality trait. 


You just hate to be dominated and lash out in a terrible, almost illegal way. Being part of the rat-race is not your cup of tea and you'd rather achieve that by simpler, riskier methods like becoming an arsonist, a gunman or anything worse. 


True, you are a natural leader. But when you go astray, you tend to get hell-bent on dominating everything from people to the world. You become a dictator of sorts and nothing can stand in your way when you are in this phase. 


You are extremely shallow in nature and have extreme double-standards. You force your opinion on others and when they don't agree with you, you make your own rules of not being friends with them just because they don't share the same beliefs as you. 


You are extremely vicious in nature. While some prefer to simply stab people in the back, your methods are more meticulous. You talk behind their backs, work to get them banned from their favourite place, ruin their social life, all in a sly way. 


You get physical when things don't go your way. While some others lose their temper in such situations, you don't shy away from using man power to put them in place. If this is not deadly, we don't know what is!


You leave hints that extremely hard-hitting and don't hesitate from hurting people with your words that are as sharp as knives. 


You prefer to work individually rather than with a group or an organisation. If somebody gets on your bad side, you manage it by bad-mouthing them irrespective of whether other people know them or not. 


You have no mercy and are extremely brutal when people tick you off. You shade them in ways nobody ever saw coming. 


You lash out in extremely painful ways. You are extremely nice until people get on your bad side and then sting them with your judgement. 


While most people like being comfortable, you tend to get lazy. You become okay with being overly comfortable and want people to just stop nagging you. 


When you need to make your point, nothing stings as sharply as your words do. You sting like no other and it gets difficult to take back your words once you have already said them. 


You think you are superior because other people don't share the same beliefs and views as you. This makes you extremely condescending  

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